July 2010


Chilling at JUICY`s patio, Rivington Hotel, Soho.

the view..

JUICY & Helene..

southpaw club THe ROBS 8th year anniversary – brooklyn

Clubbing in Brooklyn.. (wearing my new MITS top and JLH shorts.. ROCKING!!!!)

Eeeeey!! Celebrating 8th year anniversary of THE ROB at SouthPaw!!! DJ Cosmo Baker, JayCeeOh, JUICY & Juicettes!!

Me and my DJ!

JUICY – Chris Stallion & Patski with DJ JayCeeOh!!!

Yeaaay! JUICY is making a HISTORY in NYC Brooklyn.. Go BOYZzzzz…

Sticking time..

Mmmmm.. cupcakes!

Yummy Yummy in my Tammy! NY cupcakes

4th of July from Rivington Hotel NYC!

xxx from me!


Make a wish!!!!

It was sooooo amazing! What a show ! They kept going on for 40 minutes.. Synchronized

Happy 5th of July! Hugs from me, Chris & Pat & Helene :=)

4th of July – Lets Celebrate America!

On my way to FREEMANS for some lunch & then off to Brooklyn for some pool party!!

Big City art…

“Pøbl & Dolk” – ish???????????

Brooklyn chicks? haha.. or NOT! Anyway, as overdressed as we were – we still fitted in like a “new yorkers” 😉 Me and Helene rocked the party after few drinks


Stick `em on babe!!!! Go JUICY

On our way to Rivington Hotel – to continue our celebration on the roof top !!!