October 2010


My gifts .. :) I love my gifts!! Yes yes yes!

Happy Bday girl!!

Lucky me!!!

MCM baby!!! My beautiful new purse!! Adore it!!!

Lovely nailpolish from Ada !!! Now I love my weekdays.. Different color every day?!

And I am a PROUD owner of a new supercool Canon G11 Camera!! Yes yes yes!!!

kisskisskiss to my darling for all those beautiful presents!!!

white little mouse.. Love it too!!

How cute!!!! love it love it love it!!!! little mouse!!

My lovely Marc by Marc earrings from my babyboo!!!

one of a gifts from my darling sister..

Biiiiiiiiirthday giiiiiiirl..

oooh.. My babyboo woke me up with a lot of presents, roses and a cake this morning.. Loved it!

And then my friend Renate gave me those flowers.. 😉 I am so lucky!!!

Oooh Thank you sweetie…

MTV PARTY @ Grand Hotel Oslo!

Ryan after his “Diamond Girl” performance..
Great MTV Party with a great guests! Supernice to be picked up in a MINI and party with Ryan Leslie and friends! Thanx to JUICY, Jama & Dominic!

Ryan Leslie on stage with DJ Grandmaster Flash!

Boys Gone Mad!

Fingern & a lady..

Chris, Rune & Elisabeth ;=) Yeay!!! Happy moments!

Patski Love & Kristoffer Tømmerbakke (Erik & Kriss)

Me and Annia ..Posing and pouting!!

Patski Love & Chris Stallion – JUICY baby! They made it happen again. Killed MTV party with Style !!!!

Me and beautiful Camilla Pihl..

Kjersti Vatle with friends..

Erlend Elias & JCP king ;=)

Liv Jansen with a friend..

MTV Party !!! 5 years anniversary at Grand Hotel Oslo.

Hello fro me in a MINI baby.. Not bad, started at Champagneria and are ready to drink more bubles at Grand ..

got picked up by MINI car and are on our way to MTV PARTY @ GRAND HOTEL…
My sweet siz, Mia & a special visit from Finland 😉

And so we met SHIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion snap! my Chanel tattoos & LV bracelet..

Beckman is playing a KING in The Castle.. (LMFAO)


Lilia in Action.. Striking a pose for camera..

Yeah! The 3 crazy ones!!!!

Le Baron de Paris .. ofcourse.. where else?! We love this club! Here you see my friend Shin, Magnus, Nailini & Nicke..

Rocking the elevator down from the Restaurant to meet Shin.. You see how exited I am=? Shin, you see this??? Now you know!! Blau!

Legato Restaurant .. Shibuya

our Chokolate Dessert BEFORE our silliness.. Looks Great!

Well.. this is our chokolate dessert after we all got very silly.. You see now why it is so funny travelling with them?!

Ms Gjerstad it is … 🙂

Hello there.. Me and Jens!!!!

“THEE” Design team… Nailini, Nicke, Magnus.. (me & Jens are missing though)

Legato Rest.. on the rooftop of a tower. Niiiiiiiice!

Kir Royal it is… Girls night out this evening.. Me and Nailini is in charge of All expenses and planning for the night.. Hold Tight!!!