March 2011


Johnny Leave Home + Juicy + Quick = T-Shirts Collaboration and a major party with Urban friends!

Hello World! Hello ME!

Mr Jens Berg with Agnetha!

Hello There! Welcome to JLH Party!

Tina babe!

Hege Abelson – graphic designer for almost ALL JLH lay outs, Presswall, Catalogue, Mixtape Cover..
Luddis & Rebecca
Tommy from DIESEL with a rocking friend!

QUICK style boyz

Fashionista at Urban Party!

Sirius from Norway Got Talent! The rapper!!

Hello There!!

Annia with friends.

Christer with his lady 😉 Looking Good!!!

Stylish Ladies!


Strike a pose for JLH!

Thannan with a friend.

Nasir with his sister! Sweets!

Nancy & Maria Amanda!

POse baby ! Pose!

Arvid from DC with his friends..

Urban sweetie with her bf!

Tore Frisholm & Wugge! Respect!

Me with Tore & Jama!! Good memories! Lovely Times!

Niclas Sponland & Ivanoshka!


These Glory Days designer – Magnus Beckman! Yeaaaah!

Cake & Sama D!

VOLT & Carlings at my party! Hannes & FT model!

“Stekere” Daniel Mahal & Andre Thier aka Bob & Tan the Man!

Our Urban Beauties!!

Kristianne with a friend 😉

Judy! Stunning stylish and happy!

Sara Martin with a stylish stylist!

My blog friends? Maria from Vanillascented – with her friends.

Phil T Rich, Mikias & Ali! Yeeeeaay!

Seb, Iver and their brothaaahs

Sirin, me & Tommy Løland – Party Time!!

I just stole some guests from Tiger of Sweden store opening! Actually kind of funny how many came over.. (The neighbor-shop is just around the corner)

Omer Bhatti with QUICK!

Marthe and ME!

Thats how you do it! The URBAN STYLE!

Nice! Big Up for the new girl at Urban!

Urban is the BEST! Blau!

Oslo State of MIND chicks!


Good Times!! Qualitytime & Loupylou with me ! LOL!

And the party is over.. Me and Helene Gulden doing a JUICY Jump! Blau!
What a party .. What a night!! Awesome! Blau and Big Up for JUICY & QUICK & Expect Films, VINO, RedBull, Sara Rose & Haakon Hoseth – photographers!! URBAN – I love you and I LOVE my JOB!

JLHxJUICY & JLHxQUICK T-Shirt Collaboration @ Urban shop at Karl Johan ***18 March 2011***

Oh yes.. let the show begin…

the line is getting busy! me like!



Marie Amanda in a new JLH shirt..

Sara Martin, Tore Frisholm & Annette Elvhaug.. Cheers!

Cake with a friend.

Tayo from Expect Films.. Yeah baby.. Hold tight for a rocking JLH video tba soon!

Tommy Løland & Jama !!!

Niclas Sponland from UTRO & Annia his girl..


Tharan & FT model.

Marianne, Magnus, Hanna & Hannes!

Luddis & Charlotte from Carlings!

Petter Pilgaard & Mari sweets!

Annette in a crowed Urban Shop!!

Yeah.. My security whos taking care of this shop mess :=)

Henrik with his friend. Strike a POSE baby!

All those JLH guests..

Fancypants queen..

Tommy Løland with a dressed up friend.

Thomas Marynowski & Leo!


Andre Thier – aka Tan Man & Bob with his “stekerkompisser”

Jens & Agnetha!

Hello PINK!

Jeannette & Henrik is taking care of the guests! Happy moments! What a night!

Carlings Girls!

Andreas & Rune with “me in DETNYE”

Maria Van Nguyen with a friend.

RedBull King with a friend..

Thomas from DIESEL & Arvid from DC!

Cool dudes?!!!

Urban Karl Johan is PACKED!

Chris Stallion Welsh is in the building! You are simply THE BEST baby!

Yeah baby! So DOPE! Nice beats, fancy people and a lot of PINK! What else do we need to succeed a great Party?
Jens Berg from Emmett Jeans – Carling – is looking for some drinks ;=)

Wugge with his Harlem shake dance!

Krenare babe ..


QUICK with their special JLH performance!

QUICK – So great! Suleman, Bilal, Nasir & Kim! Loved it!!!

Lise Kristensen from POLHEM PR with her love!

Me with Marianne & Hanna! Lovely ladies! Cheers for PINK prosecco! Henrik Remlov – You ARE THE KING!!!


Lilia Gjerstad – moi – & Marie Amanda!

Bård Andreas had a wax accident.. nice.

URBAN METRO crew. Angelo, Hai Vincente & their little cute cupcake!

Phil T Rich, Sama D with their friends & famaly! LOL 😉

JLH fans.. Love their outfits!

My lovely balloons I`ve got from Triana Iglesias for this Release Party! OMG! I really had a blast! What a night! What a great collaboration with JUICY & QUICK! All tees are in sale from this week! So stay tuned for more pics and Smashing JLH Video! Blaaau!
*****THANX to all for coming and having a ball!******* PINK & RedBull & JUICY & QUICK & Urban Karl Johan did a great job! Love!

* JLHxQUICK & JLHxJUICY release PARTY 18 Mars *

Fredag 18. mars kl. 20:00 i Urban butikken på Karl Johan braker det løs med release fest på “Tee-Shirt Collaboration” med JLH x QUICK & JLH x JUICY!!
Johnny Leave Home ( er ett streetmerke som ble etablert i 2007 og finnes idag i 23 butikker i Norge ( Johnny er en karakter som ble kastet ut hjemmefra og trotter rundt i verden for å se hvor man etterhvert skal bosette seg. Denne sommeren er Johnny på FESTIVAL der han danser sammen med QUICK og snurrer plater sammen med JUICY (
Quick dansere har i 2009 vunnet Norske Talenter og ble signet opp med Sony Music. To ganger på rad har gutta vunnet VM i Hip Hop og de er til å se på Norges største arrangementer og nå sammen med JLH!
JUICY er klubbkonseptet til DJene Chris Stallion og Patski Love som har holdt det gående siden 2004 og raskt ble en av de mest populære klubb-kveldene i Oslo og rundt omkring i Norge. Juicy er flere ganger kåret til norges beste klubb-konsept og årets beste fester. Gutta har vunnet selveste Osloprisen som ble utdelt av Fabian Stang, og nå har Juicy designet sine to egne t-shirts sammen med JLH!
Vær med og feir dette med bobler, musikk og sinnsyk stemning!!!
Fredag 18 mars @ URBAN Karl Johan
20:00 – 23:00

JLHxJUICY = T-Shirt Collaboration for SS2011! Launch Party this Friday!

JLHxQUICK = T-Shirt Collaboration!

Preparty at the SHOP where we launch those new Collabo – TShirts and than AFTERPARTY at FUGAZI with JUICY!

Johnny Leave Home! Get ready for JLH Party on the 18th of March @ Urban Karl Johan Oslo.


Jerry Bouthier Inter-Continental !!!


Love this album and love his remixes.. OMG! You gotta have this! Awesome!!!

***I Feel Space***

Lindstrøm – I Feel Space (Freeform 5 Remix – JBAG Re-edit)
Love this one!! So relaxing and at the same time energetic!!