March 2011


*Gramo preparty* for Spellemann @ Oslo Spektrum

My pass.. Its gonna be fun!

Me at Gramos Pre Party for Spellemann!

Hello you Chocolate cake! mmmm..

Who would say no to a SUSHI & Champagne?

Nice food & people.. Mmmm..

Me & mom Natalja Gjerstad

Alexandra Sidorova Gjerstad – a Gramo girl 😉 Working!

Martin Grøndahl giving his Gramo speach for this great night!

YogaFire – Apollo & Dansken! Congrats!!

Martin Grøndahl (Gramo Boss) & Arnfinn Bjerkestrand (Kulturrådet). Looking handsome.. yeah!

Ørnulf Høyer with a friend.

Gunbjørg Oswold * Gramo *

Helene from MTG Music!

Rita Mamelund & Ellen Røren with a daughter! Gramo girls * Cheers!

massive quake in JAPAN * 11.03.11 *

At the scene
Roland Buerk
BBC News, Tokyo
When the earthquake hit, buildings in Tokyo swayed. Walking was like crossing the deck of a ship at sea.
People poured down from their offices and stood in the street staring up.
A large fire seemed to have broken out in one part of the city and, in another place, injured people were being brought out of a station.
The authorities immediately issued a tsunami warning.
In Tokyo, public transport has been suspended, elevators are switched off in many buildings and thousands of people have gathered in squares and around train stations.
sourse; BBC

A massive earthquake has hit the north-east of Japan, triggering a tsunami that has caused extensive damage.

Oh no.. I am so sad for this tsunami tragedy in Japan .. Sending a lot of positive energy to all those who lives there and in the neighbourhood. >Poor little KAMCHATKA crabs gonna die in Russian Islands as well.. 🙁 Oh no!

H&M flagship opening with Alexandra Richards!!!

Me & Marthe!

Camilla Pihl

Camillas celection!!

Camilla Pihl & Peter Peters!! Congrats dear Camilla! So nice to see your styling

Camillas accessorie tips..

Nathalie Helgeruds celection for H&M! Good work baby! Cheers for you!

Check him out!

Marthe with a friend..

Andreas with his boy*friends

Me with Maria from Vanillascented!

Supernice & trendy photographer blogger!

Strike a Pose..


H&M is packed!

Check them out.. smokers.. Chris, Niclas & Nicolai!

Maria Amanda with a friend.. Check out her blog here:


Espen Hilton!!!

Elisabeth Carew & Beryl !! Cheers beauties.

Celine Aagaard & Chioma

ESMOD crew=? Fam Irvoll & co..

Vana & Sebastian!


Kiss kiss!

Helene Gulden with her sister.

Juicy Is In the BUILDING! Saay aaah !!!

Alexandra Richards is playing! Yeay!!

Go ALEX!! GIRLS 😉 Agnetha!!

Oh yes.. I like the mustache.. Ooooh ..

Adore this outfit!

Patski Love & Alexandra Richards!


Chris Stallion (JUICY) * Alexandra Richards * Lilia Gjerstad



Ok.. Ok!

superfly VISVIMS!

Elisabeth Carew & Thomas Eriksen***


Nathalie Helgerud & a friend.. Lovely!

Chris Stallion & JayCeeOh with a friend.

Nathalie & JayCeeOh!

Hello there.. Buttoms Up Bottoms UP!

Me with Alexandra Richards! Alex, it was a pleasure meeting you! What a great night!

Alexandra Richards with Johnny Leave Home BoomBox vol4 mixtape mixed by Chris Stallion Juicy.. + JLH ss2011 catalogue! Love it!

Patski Love (JUICY)

Close Up..

Cava in the building!

ChrisStallion & Niclas Sponland!

Hello me!

Annia & Yvonne

Danby Choi with a friend.

Chis Stallion & Alexandra Richards!

Kristian Aadnevik Afterparty at Mortons in London!!

Let the “Party” begin!!

Me with Kristian Aadnevik! Such a nice party and lovely show darling! Thank you soooo much! xxx

Hello Bellinis!

Cheers !!! Renate & Vicky!

Vibeke Klemetsen & Christian Helland.. So sweet!!!

Drinks at MORTONS London 😉


Hello there..

Hello mr DJ put my record on.. I wanna dance with my baby!

Christian with a “friend”?
Dear Chris, thanx for a lovely time together! Wicked!

Lilia with a friend..

Vicky with Aadnevik 😉 Smile!


Kristian Aadneviks show in London! So happy for being there and mingle with friends.. Love it!

Hello me !! ;D

Crazy Fashionistas!

Hello there!


Renate Nipe, Christian Helland & Victoria Meidem *** Cheers There!!

Me with Victoria Meidem & Tore Andre Flo

Just a random snap..

Let the show begin!




Happy me in my JLH velvet suit.. & JLH leather Jkt!

And we are so READY for the AFTERPARTY!