May 2011


hold tiiiiiight!

Stay tuned for more LA updates, LAS VEGAS, OSLO with Mike B & DJ Ross ONe & the National Day of Norway 17th of MAY!


Me, Hakan from ISKO group & Chris at the Mondrian!

PartyTime with HAKAN at sky bar on the rooftop @ Mondrian Hotel!


At the SUPREME shop..



Outside the HUNDREDS.. LA kids..

SHIN! I dint know you opened a what.. ? SHOP??

My funny DJ fiance!!

Just outside the shop What Comes Around goes Around.. LA BABY!

Yummy!!! 25 Degrees Restaurant at the Roosevelt Hotel.. Having a lunch just next to Rick Ross!!! OMG! So awesome!!

La baby * Hamingway`s & Public Kitchen!

Outfit: Acne dress, Gucci shoes & Marc by Marc purse..

Me and a Supermodel from BIKBOK;)

Me & Chris with a Bik Bok girls..

Met Anna from BikBok & Mia from Carlings at Hamingways LA.. Cheers!

Dinner at PUBLIC!

View from our patio at Roosevelt Hotel LA!

on our way back to LA 😉 Yuummy!! Stopped at the famous McDonalds train station..

Last Coachella memories..

My lovely festival items..

Oh yes baby.. I miss it all!!

Coachella it is!!!

KANYE WEST!! The best EVER!! Loved this concert!! DAMN!!

Bloody Beetroots!! Pow!

Strike a pose!!!


Coachella ART!

so J*U*I*C*Y!!

***DUCK SAUCE ****

Duck Sauce in da building!! Loved it!!

Kisses & romance.. my fiance..

Lace & a touch of neon..

Native American inca pattern..

Tinie Tempah with a bad sound..

Yeaaay! Party Folks!!

Nice way to “stand out” in the huge crowd..

Girls, girls, girls. ..

Flower power..

Strike a pose!

Denim shorts with some drawings..



ROSS ONE in OSLO tonight!! @ STRATOS rooftop!!