August 2011


a perfect night in Atlantic City w/DJ VICE & S.K.A.M. Artist friends!

Let the night begin!!!
DeeJayViiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice @ Borgata Casino, Atlantic City!

Welsh couple with DJ FASHEN! Partyanimals de LUX!!

Beauty Elle Navaro * a supermodel, Hanna Kim – Opera Nightclub, Atlanta, Ericka Hunter – Rock of Ages, Broadwayshow & me with sweetheart Angela – her famous blog here!
Angela <3 Pour these glasses babes!

Stallion & Turbulence! Blau!

“Dompa” as we call it in Norway!


Beautiful Peeps!

DJ VIce on the MIKE! Hold Tight AC!

Turbulence, Irie, Vice, Angela & Stallion! Atlantic City at Borgata Casino!

me & Eric a.k.a. DJ VICE!

DJ Chris Stallion (JUICY, NO) & S.K.A.M. Artists DJ Turbulence & DJ IRIE!

Rocking at Mur Mur Nightclub @ Borgata Casino w/DJ VICE & DJ Turbulence, DJ Irie, Chris Stallion & me! Pow pow pow!

Me & DJ Turbulence!! HOT!

Party at AC baby! Rocking!!!

Me & Fashen in the background.. =)

Matt Miera – DJ VICE road manager with a friend!

See Ya All!! Got home at 6,30 am from Atlantic City! Hello Hudson Hotel!

Shopping in New York!

Peace! We been a bit everywhere.. Had a few stops at Central. Barneys, SAKS, Nike Town, LV etc.. & then went to Soho, Noho, Tribecca for what I call a “REAL” shopping! Shops like INA, What Comes Around Goes Around, Reed Space, ARC, etc.. We had a blast!

Shopping .. we like!

I LOVE America!


‘Local graf…

Cheers! Yummy Yummy in my tummy! @ FREEMANS!

Lunch break at FREEMANS!!! Mmmmm… Freemans cocktail, artishock dip and dates w/bacon.. Mmm..

ARC Alife Rivington Club, NY

Snap & got it! @ Alife!

I love these old playgrounds.. Reminds me of Russia in a way..


NIKE * BOwery Stadium * <3
National Libery where DJ Cassidy throught his Birthday Bash for a couple of years ago.. How cool is that??? Too bad we missed it..

Nike Store.. Central.

Time Square! New York!

Look, Look! We are on the HUGE TV Screen! Love America for that! genius ideas!!!

Why not! ?

New York street Art!

On our way to Broadway! Lets do some serious shopping!

Good Morning NY! Near Central Park..

NYC * BEYONCE concert & SL club @ meatpacking!

Oslo – NY, touch down at 8 pm; Beyonce concert at 9,30 pm; SL club at 1 am! Pretty good start I must say!

***Beyoce concert at ROSELAND NY*** She is my idol! Love her! Damn what a show!!! Thanx to MelDeBarge for the VIP Tickets!



I love Balloons <3 (Wearing my vintage VERSACE shirt, Bruuns Bazaar cardi, J-BRAND jeans, Marc by marc purse & sneak Lauboutin! <3

DJ MELDEBARGE in the building! Thans for everything! Was great seeing you again!

Me & my Fiance are rocking SL`s !!! New York New York!

That night I felt for Champagne!!! Mmm..

Oooh yes Mel.. We love you indeed!

Birthday Girls!!!! Pow Pow Pow!

Stallion & MelDEBarge! Rocking New York! SL`s club at Meatpacking.

Seeyaaa!! K.A.W.S & Stallion!

OFW Closing Party!

DJ Cake is spinnin`!

Celebrating with DJ CAssidy & Chris! We love you CASS!!

Hild Rief & Ingvild Vaagsæther.

Annette Elvhaug & the Stallion!

Moods couple!! <3
Marvin!! You Are The Best!!! Looking forward to see you in NYC this weekend!! I`m bringing a Norwegian Troll! 🙂

The DO OVER w/Adidas & JUICY!

Let the PARTY begin!!!

BBQ chefs!


DJ Chris Haycock in the building!

Me & Louise.. =)

Fredrik & Jama!

Wugge in Pink! pow!



Chris Haycock!

Chioma <3
Nice jkt man!

Cosmo with his LOVE <3 !!!
me & Tova La Rock having a BLAST!

Christina & Thomas!<3
Chris Stallion, Patski Love, Cosmo, Chris Haycock & TovaLaRock!

And Off we go to OFW!!!