November 2011


just cruzin production Party!


Chris Stallion & Patski Love @ JCP Party!
Lets trash the office!

Lets ROCK!

3 in 1!

Martine Krafft with a friend.

Christina Dobloug-Holm (Sand clothing) & Merete <3

Teens at Teen Party!
Tore Frisholm & JCP Boy!

The Entourage!!! Niclas Sponland, Wugge, Fredrik Krafft, Chris Stallion, Jama, Thomas Holm & Merete Tunheim Vang! POW!

Ida & Merete Ă˜verland Espeland with a friend. Party Girls!! <3

at the Ladies room.. Hush!

Samantha Fox baby!

Still going strong! What a nice & intimate concert she throught for all of us! DAMN baby!

Merete Ă˜verland Espeland (URBAN) & Julia Searle (VOLT)<3

Kimhye – the Dancequeen!

Fun Fun Fun!!! Finally arrived to Norwegian Theatre. Met Elisabeth Carew with her friends.

Even more FUN!

Stian (JCP BOSS) & Chris (Mr. Stallion DJ) !!!

Me & Helene Gulden <3

Merete Tunheim Vang (By Malene Birger) with Ida Vasaasen (Urban)

DJ RIz in the Building!

Me & DJ Riz! Over & Out!
Thanks for a great Party JCP! YOu know how to make people drink & talk!

My next Fall Winter Colors <3

Stay tuned…

Urban Store Opening in MOSS – Norway!

Woop Woop! Congratulations Moss!

Get ready for Fall & Winter baby!

Andre Thier & Martin Wiik * I.N.I – designer*

A lot of Urban Goodies.

JLH wool crew.

*longing for RIOMAGGIORE *

Some bubles!


How Beautiful <3

Stallion in Itallion.. =)

Mmmmm….Sunset dessert!

How amazing!!

What a Wonderful & Romantic place!!
Riomaggiore in Italy! One of the place you just HAVE to visit!!! <3<3<3
Not to mention cinque tierre & the walk of LOVE!

I love my pink hair <3

Pink Feathers & My Pink Hair Ends from Toni&Guy. <3 Happy Thursday! Get ready for the JCP Party tomorrow! #POW!