March 2012


Last day in LA!

Morning Latte… Last day in LA.. Buhuuu..

Breakfast at W – Hotel at Delphine!

Berries & Gronola! Mmmm..

We got naughty and ordered some pancakes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lets do some serious shopping !!!

Opening Ceremony, Los Angeles!

O p e n i n g * C e r e m o n y !!!

Happy Me!!!!


Local LA – Art!

I see you in PINK by – Paul Smith!

Street Snaps..

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Ida Touri & Carl Henrik Hallen with smoothie & raw juice.. Keeping it healthy!!! Yeay!


Ralph by Ralph Lauren at Melrose..

Looks like KAWS graff, but probably only similar..

Cheers from lady in Red limited edition tee by SUPREME x Biggie!

Fair Fax

LA streets.

The Hundreds..

La kids..

Fair Fax graffiti..

That`s all folks.. I miss LA already!

Perch & Urban Light – Los Angeles – my “date” with Angela!

More updates for you guys.. Here I was on my way to eat a great dinner at PERCH in Los Angeles, downtown.. I must admit I`ve got very NY-ish feeling over the area. Loved it!!

If you see the rooftop on this building – is exactly where we were going with Angela Aguirre for a great Dinner <3

Here we go!!! Perch it is!!

At the bar..

Live Performance at Perch, Downtown LA

And we finally got a table! Had a lovely dinner with wine!!

Me and Gorgeous Angela Aguirre <3 Check out her blog here: I`M WITH THE DEEJAY!

We also met some locals who joined us for a picture! One of them is Benjamin Mathis the president of Mathis Political, Inc. (Universal Studios Hollywood)

13th floor.

me in my Vintage LA dress..

Stunning Angela. Love your curly hair !

After Dinner we went to “Urban Light” art installation at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum Of Art) courtyard is fast becoming an iconic Los Angeles landmark. In the past few years since artist Chris Burden installed the lampposts, they’ve popped up in movies, commercials, fashion shoots, and music videos–not to mention personal Flickr accounts, Isntagram & Tweeter.

How beautiful is that??? Love it! Just so breathtaking!!!

Me!!!! <3 I was literally in heaven!! I can`t even explain how much “energy Boost” Iยดve got by only being there – at Urban Lights!


We met a local artist there and he was asking us if we were there for “the Rock”?! Apparently the LACMA was waiting for a HUGE ROCK to come – The 340-ton rock with MASS Attraction! We didn`t see it, but heared about it on the news the day after..

So this artist gave me a stone and asked me to write or draw something on it.. I just wrote my wedding date on the rock – because that the only thing I have on my mind lately.

Angelas tour..

Very Grounded ! I like it!

Happy and Lucky girls.. Did our rocks and gave it to the artist. He was going to make another art out of all the rocks people were drawing on.. Wish I could see the result..

Love this place!! <3 Did you know that on of the scenes from: No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher were filmed here. ?!
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Thank you so Much Angela for this lovely girlfriends-date!

Lovely miss Aguirre!! a DJ wife! ๐Ÿ™‚ That what I am going to be in 3 month.. <3

Me holding a polaroid picture we just snapped.

What a beautiful memories.. <3
One of my greatest evening and night in Los Angeles! It was so great seeing you Angela!! Lots of Love! <3


Good morning!!

On our way to Malibu.. ๐Ÿ™‚

See through..

On my wrist..

Malibu baby!!

Cheers from Cali, Malibu.. wearing my Bawsy tee !!! POW!


inside Levi`s shop in Malibu..

Deniiiiiim! I love Levi`s vintage wash! Got a pair I just felt in love with!!!

Mirror Mirror on the wall.. tell me who you looking for..

Love these American number plates!!

SUPER shop! OMG! You guys gotta check this out.. This shop has a lot of magical cosmetic products that helps you to recover & get fresh!

Who has been shopping?? Me!!!


Starbucks girls!!! Me & Ida! <3

Chill & Lax!

hey there little cutie.. <3
So we spent a couple of hours in Malibu, grabbed a lunch and went to Santa Monica.. Stay tuned..
I AM IN LOVE WITH * U N I T E D * S T A T E S * O F * A M E R I C A !!!!

Los Angeles by Night – Party all night long!

Wine & Dine at AGO Restaurant – Los Angeles!

Sharing a lot of lovely small Italian dishes.

What a lovely company: Sam Adegoke, Carl Henrik Hallen, Hakan Anuk, me & Ida Tuori.

White fish it is..

Sam & Carl.. Chilling after this lovely dinner..


Stopped for a little drink at KATSUYA Restaurant by Phillippe Starck!

My work buddies: Ida Touri & Carl Henrik Hallen. And my friend Hakan Anuk from ISKO with his designer buddy Sam Adegoke!

Fancy Lips ..

And Finally I met my “International” LA friend – Angela Aguirre, DJ Vice`s wife!

We all ended up at PLAYHOUSE Nightclub where DJ Skratchy was playing nice tunes!


Beautiful Angela with Sam & Hakan!

DJ Skratchy with a cool friend ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers baby!! Party time in LA! I am really grateful to have so many great people around me, friends & family! I feel blessed! Thank you ALL for making my LA trip – AMAZING!

Me with dearest Angela Aguirre <3

Mr. Skratchy making sure we girls are doing fine with drinks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hakan with us – lovely ladies.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Eric DLux was Killing it!

Packed.. Nice being in the DJ Booth.. VIP 4 Life!

Me with DJ Skratchy & DJ Eric DLux at PLAYHOUSE Nightclub Los Angeles!

Woop Woop!

Over & Out! Thanx for a great night folks! Miss you Already!!!!!
Angela – my angel girlfriend.. Sam & Hakan – cool LA dudes & my work colleagues – Ida & Carl Henrik!
& S.K.A.M DJ`s Skratchy & Eric DLux !!!!
One Love!

Walking down the La Brea in LA!

Tra – LA – LA!

Palms are so beautiful.. We have only spruce trees in Norway..

Mr. FREEDOM shop! Another classic to check out if you are into Fashion Industry!

Inside Freedom shop..

Now you have a tiny idea of how the sphere inside the shop.. Gotta be a “MUST” on your shopping list!

Me & Carl Henrik near La Brea..

OBEY baby!

Aaron De la Cruz – LA Streets!

Here – I felt like Alice in Wonderland.. <3 hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

Lollypops in fancy colors..

La brea .. on our way to Undefeated & Union..

Lunch at Cafe Verona! – super nice spot!

Healthy salads.. The best ever! Seriously – how come that everything is SO much better in U.S.A?! (I`ve must have been an American in my previous Life!)

Me & Ida Touri..

Mr. Carl Henrik Hallen – the new guy at the office… or our new Dream team member! Urban Rocks!

Stay tuned for more fun & more pictures..
Next post is my “party – round” in Los Angeles with my LA friends. ๐Ÿ˜‰