March 2012


Shopping in LA <3

Continuing with giving you updates from my LA TRIP:
Breakfast @ Redbury!

Lets Mix some healthy meal here..

Mmmm.. Gronola with berries & yogurt!

Look at these small fellows.

Lilyhammer <3 YeaY! How cool is that to see a Norwegian – American tv – show billboard in LA?!!

In heaven!! So in Love with LA!

Hello Carreras ! My favorite shades on this trip.. Off to shopping & trend spotting! Stay tuned!

Carl`s shopping guide in LA: at the GLORY shop!

Outside the shop..

Inside Rebecca Minkoff boutique..

Just got a new pair of Rebecca Minkoff <3 Love them.. very trendy with neon tones right now..

L.A. here we come!!!

Omg!!!! Butterflies in my stomach!! LA LA LA LAND!

Hollywood baby!! O M G!!!! How exiting!!! I am in Love with United States of America!!! <3

Checked in at Redbury Hotel, 1717 Vine & Hollywood. (sexy hotel for sure!)


How cool is that??? You can play your own Vinyls!!

My master bedroom with Ida Touri <3
<3 Red vibes ..
Our view form our private Balcony!!!! L O V E LA!

Late dinner at CLEO! Damn what a great Tapas & Drinks! Mmmm!

Hello oysters!! My favorite!

My work buddies: Carl Henrik Hallen & Ida Touri.

Super delicious!

Me with paprika 😉

Cleo Restaurant at Redbury Hotel, LA!

South Coast Plaza!

Me with Carl Henrik Hallen 😉 at South Coast Plaza Shopping center, on our way to LA baby!

Tra la la .. a quick stop for shopping & then off to CALI baby 😉 LA !!!

Me with Ida Tuori 😉

Strawberries.. Mmmmm..

a quick bite… LUNCHTIME!

Cheers !!! Lunch at the Champagne bar in

Delicious Salat!!!

Snap snap snap..

Wearing my H&M maxi dress with OBEY sweatshirt + Gucci belt & my Nike`s!!!

Huntington Beach.. <3

LOVE it!!

near by our hotel in Huntington.

our INFINITI baby!!!

Huntington Beach day II!

Good morning LATTE!!

Granola with yogurt & berries.. Mmm!!! Breakfast for me..

Breakfast for CH & Ida ..

Snap shots on the streets…

Wearing my Carreras!

Marc By Marc, Nike & Johnny Leave Home pants <3

Ida`s little heart & her sparkle nails..

Look at these colors <3

Livery <3

I love these Old school cans..

How cool is to have this at your apartment?! Signs are awesome!

What a view!!!!!

My Street shot!!

Huntington Pier!

I am in heaven!

Isn`t it just beautiful?

Look at the stingray! 🙂

American Diners!

Hello there…

Big Mug – American Way!

How breath taken!!!

Huntington surfers.. Relaxing to watch..