June 2012


Bachelorette part II – day I – ICELAND BABY! Iceland!

Alright guys,. here are some more updates from my Icelandic journey with my lovely girlfriends. BACHELORETTE PARTY continues.. Here it is .. “Checking In to Reykjavik!” ( 2 weeks ago!)

Yeay!! I`m getting Married!!! Whoop Whoop! Grab my balloones! It looks like he was more drunk than all of us together.. Damn MAN!

Hello mr.. I love your Contrabass! Damn!!

and off we go..

my dear Lara!!! 2 tied ladies..

Hello Iceland!! Hello Sky Life!

and finally there.. Iceland.. Guess who showed up there? Victoria Meidem, my sister in Law! How cool is that!? Damn I love surprises!

My Amazing GIRLS!!! What a bless to have you as a friends <3<3
Karianne Amlie, Victoria Meidem Reidy, Maren, Ingvild Vaagsæther, Ludmilla Faldås, Lara Sokolova – my besty & my maid of honor! Mia Karras, Senait Embaye & moi!

After landing we took a little mini bus to the city central where Senait Embaye showed us her speech – skills with her SEXY voice.. “Hello mr. Bus driver!”

So ready to PAAAAARTY! Well, you can imagine how much fun we had in this mini shuttle! (Hold your Horses!)

Pop those bottles missy!!!

… we also did some YOGA when we arrived.. before our girls night out in Reykjavik!

And then we were ready for Wine & Dine in Iceland! The Fish Marked Restaurant! Delicious!! Must be on a TO DO in Iceland list!
Me with Karianne Amlie, Mia Karras & Victoria M.R.

and strike a pose with the tourists LOL !!

My lovely Miss Preggy Karianne survived this insane #girlsgonewild trip.. 😉

Alrighty!!! Lets Get It started!!! Wine & Dine at the FISH MARKED RESTAURANT! Asian Fusian – my favorite food on earth! ( & thai!!)

FishMarked Restautrant! mmmm.


Speeches & Gifts!!

More food.. mmm

Vicky, Karianne & Mia <3

Lara, Maren & Luddis <3

Ingvild, me & Senait <3


Mama is Paying! Hell yeah! Cash it out babe! Haha!
Thank you LARA! You are THE BEST!

Shot for the road!!

Me in the Senait in the moment.. Session #1

Session #2!

Session #3! Done with Dinner – off for more drinks!

Rocking my first Bachelorette Night in Iceland 😉 Whoop Whoop!

Hands Up in the Air!

Girls Gone Wild on my Bachelorette Party!!

Fuuuun!! Senait caught in the moment.

Mulberry AW12!

Look at this amazing collection from MULBERRY AW2012!
Be Inspired!!!

ELLE Magazine * Summer Party * Oslo, Norway!

Yesterday I was at Summer Party for Elle Magazine at the French Ambassy in Oslo. Nice spot, trendy people, nice mingle & good drinks! :=) See some of my updates below: Be Inspired!

Cute Merete Petterson, stylist from Cubus!

MOET – Limited Edition!

Janka Pollani doing her nails <3

Super – girls! Trine Berge, Vibeke Klemetsen & Sara Chacko!<3<3  Check out more here!
Strike a Pose Fashionistas! Sara Martin & Tommy Løland with friends..

Me with Patricia Nazareno from Cubus 😉 Can`t wait to see you at my wedding girl!

Happy People with happy drinks!

Gorgeous Merete Tunheim Vang! Mr. Beckmans babe!

Check us out!!! Bomb 1, Bomb 2 & Bomb 3! Thats a Big POW! Nice hanging with you Alex!

Mmm.. Goddies from Sebastian Bruno & Fruits! Classy !!

beautiful By Malene Birger & Day Birger girls 😉 <3

Love the shades & accessories <3

Mardou&Dean jeans!!! Love it!

Ida Sophia Sveinsson with a friend!

Mr Storm Pedersen & miss Harmonica!

Fashionistas! Maria, Fiffi & Violetta <3

The place was packed!!! French Ambassy in Oslo!

Sol Naghibian baby! Hottie!

Me wearing Rebecca Stella x Mits shirt from SOLO, United Nude Shoes, Dior Purse & Max Azria skirt from NYC! (Ray Ban shades) & JLH denim jkt!

ME & Sol <3

Erlend Elias <3

Lill Helen! Kiss Kiss!

Louis Vuitton coat.. <3<3
Andreas Holzweiler & Hugo from Moods! Party boyzz!

Hedda Skaug, Jenny Skavlan & Maria Bodøgaard – Smashing nixce girls !!!!

Thomas Gullestad & Henrik Thodesen with Charlotte Thorstvedt!

Chilling with RAY KAY & supermodel Martin Gunnestad!!!

Happy girls!!! Christina Dobloug Holm with miss hottie!

Trendy ladies: Dj Purple, miss designer FAM & Lise Karlsnes!

Strike a pose !!! Rocking baby! Andreas Tangberg & moi

Sweet Camilla Pihl <3

kissy missy – Ida Fladen 😉

Mr. Inia with fashionable girls..

Dancing with Elisabeth Carew 😉 yeay!! Goodtimes!

Me with Kim 😉

Super crew with superladies from Supernature!

Beautiful Vana!!!

Elle it is.. over & out..

My Bachelorette Party part II – Iceland Day I !!

Bachelorette on her way to ICELAND!! Woop Woop!!!
So for 2 weeks ago on a normal Friday morning after I did my jogging routine with Ida Isabelle Vasaasen, I thought I was on my way to work.. And then out of the blue – all of my besties popped by with a SURPRIIIIISE! So they all bring champagne and strawberries.. We had a lovely breakfast with bubbles and they took me to this lovely buss which is specially made for “graduation students” in Norway called RUSS! So here we were 10 years later … a bride to be!

YEay!! Chilling at RUSSEBUSSEN 😉

Strike a pose wife to be !!! Me gone wild!

My girls!! Karianne Amlie, Senait Embaye & Ingvild Vaagsæther with moi..

Lots of FUUUUUN! Me with Lara Sokolova my maid of honor & my Maren from LEE Jeans!

Ingvild .. Popping girl…


Balloones baby!!!

My lovely ladies!! Thank you so much for being true friends!! Love you! Senait Embaye, Ingvild Vaagsæther, Lara Sokolova, Karianne Amlie, Ludmilla Faldås & Maren  🙂
Yeay!! Finally at Gardemoen!! Iceland here we come!

Woop Woop!!! Hold tight for more!! The best bachelorette Party ever! You all ROCK girls!

United Nude! <3

In Love with my new UNITED NUDE Shoes.. <3
Stunning!!! Love em! Soft and trendy!

Goes with skirt & pants!!!

United Nude! I guess You`ll find them in Shoe Lounge 😉

R O C K I N G !!!!