September 2016


Great lunch with the great peeps.. #sentralen

Great lunch with the great peeps..  #sentralen

Burt`s Bees!!!


What a lovely products. The best solution on the market! Best for your kids and for you as a mom <3 BURTS BEES!


Mama Bee & Baby Bee producs are totally natural and free for parabens and made of the natural plant oils and bee pollen & wax.

a Perefct kit for you and your little one – or just for you!! ENJOY!

For more info, please contact Mildh Press Oslo! 

#MCM #Maldives ️️

#MCM #Maldives ️️

Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse!


Take a day or 2 off to cleanse your body! Reboot with juice!

I usually take a few days to give my body a little TIME OUT. It gives you better digestion, better health in general and it tastes amazing! img_9126

Do greens and colors. I love to juice 2 types. The green juice and the reds.. img_9125

It actually pretty easy. You combine all your ingredients by colors.

The Green Juice contains:

Broccoli, Apples, Celleri, green chili, cucumber, kale and fennel & ginger!

The Red Juice contains:

Carrots, beetroots, red chilli, red oranges, ginger and green apples for the taste..

Mmmmmm! Keeps the flue away! img_9129

Woila! Fill all you have & ENJOY!

REIMA GO – Stay Active!

img_9138 img_9132

Reima Go with an Activity sensor !

This is the best ever! Log on to REIMA for more info! img_9136

This cool fleece keeps a track on how many hours your kid have been active during the day. The only thing you need is a REIMA GO product and a smart phone.

Great design & quality!

easy to attach.. img_9135

delicate and stylish!img_9333

REIMA breakfast event with GK. 

Mmm <3img_9334

Tjuvholmen.. img_9336 img_9337 img_9339


Tjuvholmen is one of the spots where you can start your Reima Go activity! img_9343

Lets do it Reima Way – LETS GO!


Catch us if you can!