ELEVATOR – selfie! Girls trip to London! Lets have some FUN!!!

Cecconi`s Restaurant for lunch! What a lovely place in Mayfair. <3 Chic atmosphere & fancy serving! I went for squid 😀

My lovely ladies.. Karianne Amlie from Boligjakten, Christina and Ludmila <3

Merete & I <3

Crab ravioli… Mmmmmmm!

Beef carpaccio!

And then off to the SKETCH! Wine & Dine!

Me in my new fancy skirt from Ganni <3 Rockin`my belly <3

Beautiful ladies! Damn – you are so HOT!

Preggy me had to photobomb this lovely image 😀

Strike a pose! For London!

Buttoms UP!

Sketch Ladies! OMG! So in Love with London!

Virgin Bloody Mary for me and my Belly!

And of course, when in Sketch, you just HAVE TO check out the toilets! They are amazing! Egg formed bathrooms that makes your head and mind go crazy!

Thank you SKETCH!

Next stop – MNKY HSE (Monkey House!) Stay tuned!

Well Hello MNKY HSE!

This Restaurant is amazing! If you are into party and drinks, this spot will defiantly be ON FIRE! The crew were dancing while serving food & drinks!

The cuisine were Cuban – Mexican – isn – inspired! Some dishes were HOT and some were interesting.

Virgin Mojito!


And an – elevator – selfie at the hotel!

Thanx for reading & following! This was Day1 <3 Stay tuned for Day II tomorrow!

one Love

POLHEM PR – Summer 17 PressDay!

Thank you Polhem PR for inviting me to your lovely event with plenty of Summer Inspiration! Amazing products, beautiful styling and always a pleasant atmosphere!

The Fashion Bandit with her fancy details <3

Me and Benedikte from the Fashion Bandit!

Yummy snacks <3 Healthy and delicious!

Nailsinc <3

Mingle time with the Fashionistas!

Yes Please! Amazing dresses!

Fresh color palette!

Kastel Shoes! In love with PINK!

Summer time! I am ready!

Me with beautiful Tone Kroken! (Goyard girls!)

Thank you for peaking and stay inspired!

Chocolate in the MIX <3


Guys, I want to share a super simple recipe with you on how to make your own healthy chocolate.

All you need is a few ingredients ; Cacao, Cacao Butter, Salt, Honey, Vanilla flavor, Nuts, Dried Berries & Lecithin!


Crunch cacao butter and cacao …


kind of shave // crunch it with a knife.

You need:

3 dl Cacao from Supernature

2,5 dl Cacao Butter

0,6 dl honey

2 spoons of lecithin

1/2 ts vanilla powder

1/4 ts supernature himalaya salt



Melt chocolate but do not boil it.. Be very careful when melting.


Mix chocolate with the honey and vanilla.


add matcha tea if you like the taste.


My favorite!


Pour chocolate into a tray.


add a little salt, nuts, berries, all you desire in your chocolate.


Crunch the nuts..


and add to the chocolate + dried berries and fruits.


and here you go! Place the tray into the freezer and leave for 20 – 25 minutes.


Perfect chocolate for you & your friends.


You can also use cupcakes forms to make a small chocolate plates.

add protein, bee pollen, salt?! Anything of your taste. <3



There you go! Easy and Perfect!





Thanx to Supernature for a great raw – sweets – workshop that inspired me to make this lovely treat at home!


Beat your Cold & FLU with the Juice!


Well Hello Fall and Hello Flue! Right?

I am at least sick…  Last week Chloe got sick and had a fever for 3 days and here I am now, lying flat on the coach with no energy and no guts. No no no! Get Up and JUICE!!
Seriously! It helps your immune system to fight the cold bacteria`s as well as keeps your body focused and gives your loads of energy!


I Juice my veggies like this: Greens with greens and reds with orange and reds.. So my Green Juice contains: Cucumber, green apples, green chili, broccoli, selleri, ginger, kale & lime! img_9126

Prep for the green juice!

My red juice contains: Beetroots, still green apples, red chili, oranges, carrots and ginger. img_9129

Woila! A portion of green JUICE BOOST!img_9131

& some red and greens to stack in the fridge!

Stay Inspired and Stay Healthy!

Kill Your Flue with the Juice! Ps – I give all of them to my little Chloe (3 years) – so make sure your kids drinks a lot of juice!


Supernature heaven!


Omg! I am the luckiest girl on this planet to be an ambassador for Supernature! Love it!!

Love their products, love their benefits, love to feel a step closer to a more healthier lifestyle. img_9349

Snacks from SOMA. Check out more here!

Have you tried these snacks? img_9344

Ambassador pack – home delivery! img_9347

These are my #1 favorites! Raw bars, crackles, raw chocolate snacks etc..

Have you tried sweet potato and purple potato crisps? They are AWESOME!img_9353

Rice bran, pure lecithin and activated barley porridge with coconut fat and chia seeds. Childrens gonna love it! Use oat milk or coconut milk as a base – Mmmmmm!!img_9355mmmmmm! Chloe Louise Loves it!



#Supernature for LIFE!