Soon to be mum <3

Hey guys!! Hope you all have a brilliant weekend!!
Just wanted to share with you this photo of me captured by Jeanett Haslien at MILLA BOUTIQUE at House of Oslo! Here I am 7 month pregnant and soon in a couple of days my baby is about to join this world

Remember to still LIVE, LOVE, Dress Up, Go to Events, Concerts, Be with friends and Family, Do Sports, Be an active mum no matter. It is good for you and your baby! Take care of yourself and shine Bright like a Diamond 🙂

Can`t wait to share more from my shoot with Jeanett as well as to share my pregnancy – photos in my 9th month!
Stay Tuned!

Happy Weekend You All

gifts from Mimmi <3

5 Days left and here are some small gifts for the little one from grandma Mimmi <3 Cute & Lovely and I love MICE! OMG! So cute CHLOE mouse! <3

Getting there <3

Stokke Sleepi Mini <3 IMG_9007
Cute little friends are ready for a new family member!!
Getting the room ready <3 Mumtobe stuff on agenda! That is basicly what my days are all about!!! Different world but I am so exited! Spread Love & Be Inspired!

Stokke Crusi <3

Stokke Crusi Pram for my little one 🙂
Oooh I love this new pram from STOKKE!!
Stylish and Fashionable! Yeay!
The flexible comfort stroller. Stokke Crusi lifts your child closer to you helping you explore together as well as it grows with your child.
Very Proud and Happy with this choise! for more log on to
<3 <3 <3

Wish you all a Happy Weekend <3

stay tuned for my blog “Face Lift” New header coming up soon.
Here me in a street shoot with Jeanett Haslien – the BEST Photographer ever! (My Fav at least!)
Mumtobe – 6/7 month pregnant here. Still going strong?! What? haha! Can`t wait to get my body and belly back!

Happy Weekend and Wish you All the best!
Remember to Spread LOVE, SMILE more and Laugh more! Inspire others and be Inspired yourself!