#Chloe4Life Hiking <3

Just a couple of days ago – we went out “hiking” in our neighborhood, from Frognerseteren to Midtstuen. The weather was lovely and Chloe was in her Happy Mood!

We stopped by at Frognerseteren Restaurant for lunch and continued our little trip to Midtstuen. Chloe`s kindergarten is at Mitdstuen where they are out all day, playing in the woods, making food at the bonfire with teachers and looking for marks, snails, and other small creatures they find along during their day – activity.

So Chloe knew mostly all of this traisl and was happy to show us where her kindergarten is located.

And it is always ALL ABOUT THE PINK fever! She is in love with her new, pink  REIMA fleece sweater with GO sensor that helps her track her activities by collecting points in steps and converting them into a brilliant game you can download online at your smart phone or iPad. Check out more at Kidventure!

Reima Go Liina is amazing, non itchy and comphy fleece jacket that keeps your child warm and happy!

Check out more and have with REIMA here! 


One Love <3


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