Thriller night at the Lyric Theatre in London !!!
My dear Girls: Victoria Meidem-Reidy from Daily Telegraph, moi – JLH designer, Ida Smedstad Tuori – Flat Top designer, Karianne Amlie – from real estate business & Lara Sokolova from Trade Doubler!

JEWEL Bar, London!! CHEERS!
After a long tacky really lame Thriller show with 5 or 6 different Michael Jacksons – we really needed this CHEERS!

Girls night OUT is SO MUCH FUN!


Me & Lara are trying to make a heart.. FAILED BIG TIME!

Beautiful Vicky & Karianne!

Laras Nice belt from – Lara Bohinc!!

Strike a POSE baby! (Ida hates when I take a picture of her.. so that why a “SHY version” of miss new Flat Top designer)

My English huns.. Victoria M.R with Rachel Moore !!!

Happy Trio!!! still at JEWEL bar!

& China White here we come .. Thanx to DJ SAM YOUNG – S.K.A.M A.R.T.I.S.T!

Dance Dance Dance !!!

Me with my made of honor!!! <3 Lara sweets!
woop woop!!

Cheers for a Special GIRLS NIGHT Out in London!!!

SAMBUCA time.. Dangerous!
Over & OUT!


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