Johnny Leave Home x BAWS T-shirt Collabo release party!

What A Great Event & Great Night!!! We did a T-Shirt Collaboration with Johnny Leave Home x B.A.W.S crew for all URBAN NORWAY shops!
Big Up for all members of the B.A.W.S crew, DJ Chris Stallion, URBAN crew, all BAWS helpers, Security Services & my office team for all support! We did it and now you all can have a piece of it.. (Note that t-shirts are limited.. so go & grab one!)

I just had to borrow this picture from my friends site OSLONIGHTS! Check out more pics here!

Hello Urban Folks!! Strike a POSE!

Arif aka Phil T Rich with his lovely mum..

Hello Ladies..

Urban Fashionistas!

Aon & Phil T Rich!

Eric with his friends..

Pour more..

Chris Stallion in the MIX!!!! <3<3

Anders & Rune! Urban boyzzz.

All Packed!!!

Mr. Hazem is in the bulding..

Lovely Ladies.. <3 Big Up for Kari & Julie <3


Cheers for all of our guests this Friday!!! What a night & what an amazing release we`ll had.

Miiiiike is so BAWSEFUL!

Me & Tina – shop manager at Urban Karl Johan!! Big UP girl!! Thanx for letting us have this release at your shop <3

Jonnarn & Rune came by..


Beautiful Elvane.. <3

Hello There.. 😉

Merete, Richard & Erik!

Ida Fladen & Lars from Bankmenn 😉

BAWS Performance!

Happy Trio! Pat, Mike & Chris.

What?!?!? Our Party? Hell yeah!

BAWS baby, BAWS!

JLH x BAWS Crew 4 Life!

Mike & Niclas.

Stylish couple.

Over & Out!!
Thanx to my baby Chris Stallion for a great tunes at URBAN shop! Groooovie! What a great NIGHT!


3 Responses to “Johnny Leave Home x BAWS T-shirt Collabo release party!”

  1. Hilde
    26. February 2012 kl 23:10

    Åh, så koselig!! Savner Urban!:(

  2. Lene
    7. October 2014 kl 15:08

    Skulle hatt en sånn t-skjorte

  3. lilia-gjerstad
    8. October 2014 kl 18:09

    Hei Lene!
    ÅÅÅh, men kanskje du kan ta kontakt med BAWS gjengen? SAM og MIKE? Vil du ha kontakt info på de?

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