LA by night – Yamashiro Restaurant & The Short Stop BAR @ Echo Park!

Girls just wanna have Fuuuuuun!

Bored moments in the cab.. On our way to eat some Asian Fusian Sushi up in the hill 😉

Finally at Yamashiro Restaurant.. Hello drinks…

YAMASHIRO Restaurant, Los Angeles!

I love restaurants!!

Cheers with Russian Standard Vodka!

Yamashiro L.A! <3 Loved it all. Food, fancy guests & lovely drinks! To be recommended!

And after dinner we went downtown to the Short Stop bar at Echo Park, LA to meet Thee Mike B & Chris Haycock & DJ NAte Day!

DJ NATE DAY with his friends at the VIP room in Short Stop Bar.

Me with DJ Chris Haycock! (The DoOver DJ! – both him & Thee Mike B has been over to Oslo & played with JUICY boyz!)

Carl Henrik Hallen with our new LA friends. Eli Glad & his buddy!

Ida Tuori with a fancy dude..

Nate Day spinning!

Me with Miiiiiiiike B! Damn it was so cool hanging out with you & your friends the whole night! I feel almost like one of the locals.

Strike a pose – our new trendy LA friends – Mr. Eli Glad!!!

CH, me & Mike B!

in Mikes car… On our way to an afterparty!!! Woop Woop.. Local roadtrip in LA 😉 Love it!

I found a straw hat in Mikes car and thought it was a pretty good idea to wear it! SO MUCH FUUUUUN!!!

Finally arrived to our destination – in the middle of nowhere.. Or at least I had no idea where this place was.. Exiting!!! But no worries guys, I was in good hands.. JUICY`s friends took a good care of me and my Norwegian friends.

Mr. THEE MIKE B with LA hipsters! Lets Rock this Afterparty!

Ida`s neckless matched someones tattoo..

Local LA hipster!

Cheers!! Over & Out! Us with Nate Day! Damn so much Fun we had! Another great Night in LA in totally different area! Loved it!
Thanks & Big Up to Thee Mike B, Chris Haycock & Nate Date!!!


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