Lilia & Chris – 7.7.12 – Wedding Invitations!

Our lovely wedding Invitation designed by Jens Berg <3
Invitations and confetti envelopes <3
boxes 😉 where all the magical things will be..

Confetti <3
Our lovely constumized Chips! Lilia + Chris = Love! 7.7.12

In the Mix.. Thanks to Kaffebrenneriet to keep me going all night long!

Our stickers designed by Mikael Noguchi (a cartoon & video games – illustrator)

Me in the mix & making of all heart – confetti.

Mussel cramps..

…and in the envelopes they go..

for our guests to throw at us after our Church ceremony ! <3
RSVP cards – came a bit too late – so I had to change the date from 1st to 9th 😉 haha! 🙂

Oh yes.. #INTHEMIX

VIP cards – with a schedule for those who can get lost..

and now – lets put it all together!!!

<3<3<3 7.7.12 <3<3<3
VIP – Very Important Party!!!

Wola!!!!!! Ready & set!!! Mr. & Mrs. Welsh`s Wedding Invitations!!
When an Event Advisor/DJ together with a Fashion Designer are getting married – it just has to be PERFECT! Like in a Perfect MIX!


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