Lilia + Chris Wedding 7.7.12 at VILLA MALLA <3 pt.1

Bring it Ooooon! 7.7.12 – Oslo Domkirke – Oslo Cathedral!


Here we go !!! <3 Villa MALLA It is <3

Chris <3

Lets this lovely Dinner Party begin!!!


My baby with his lovely speech to me <3

Lots of laugh!!! Chris is very good with his speech! ;D

Nathan with Patski Love – our toast master!!!

Me with my beautiful Maid of Honor Lara Sokolova! My best friend!!!
Both wearing Jenny Packham!

Here with Karianne Amlie – miss preggy <3

My Girls!! Kihmmy Iversen, me, Mira Craig & Ida Vasaasen! They all cheered me like a real BRIDE!

Among the boys… Brother from another mother Jama Awaleh with Tore Frisholm, Richard Shelly & Wugge!

Chris, Nathan, Vaar, Vicky & Beckman!

Patski love & Cake!

Kimhye, Helene & Richard!

Lara & Merete!

Mira & Numa!

DJ Neil Armstrong @ Villa Malla!

Maren with her lovely speech!

Rock boys in the house tonight..

Drop Out Orchestra!

Party Rockers!!

Chris & Ski!

Ninja & Helene with …

Lets Celebrate!!! Dancing with my magnificent husband Chris Welsh!!! Dancing to Drop Out Orchestra & VIVA Girls! Oooh yes!!! Disco all night long! Mr. & Mrs. Welsh!

Viva for Life!


Whoop Whoop! The most gorgeous thing on earth is that we`ll never change even if we are married! And that is LIFE & LOVE folks!

Dance Dance Dance!!!

Drop Out Orchestra! (SE)

Hands Up in the Air!

Peter Sundvor, Elisabeth Carew & Triana Iglesias <3

Aslak Hartberg & Marianne Haugli
Kissy Kissy!!

Hahahah!! Me with VIVA Girls and Triana.. who is trying to bite off my “something blue”!

Viva with Karianne Amlie & Triana Iglesias! Our beautiful friends <3



Asbjørn & Kari Misund & Rigmor Torhus!

B I R T H D A Y C A K E!!

Love 4 Ever!! <3<3<3
Be Inspired! Weddings are so great & magical!
Pictures by me & Mike Angeles – our lovely guest and photographer!


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