M A L D I V E S <3<3<3

As some of you knows I`ve got married on 7th of July 2012.. and we was on the most Perfect Honeymoon EVER! Norway – Larvik; FARRIS BAD, ABU DHABI; UAE, MALDIVES & LONDON!!
A R E you READY ?? Here are – Honeymoon Updates from Maldives to Isnpire you guys to travel more, relax more and have more fun!! #TAKEMEBACK!!
Off we go!! MALDIVES!! Hilton Spa Resort!

Whoop Whoop!!

Hello Paradise! How amazing !!!!

Touch Down Baby!
Hilton Resort!!

P A R A D I S E !!!

Our Beach Villa!

Light Dinner & Drinks on our first night in Maldives..

.. and stay tuned for more..

Good Morning Maldives!! Day 2!!


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