PARIS! Oui Oui!
How was your weekend? I was in Paris and celebrated my besty for her Bday Bash! OMG! What a trip, reminds me of my bachelorette party, for real.
Here Ludmilla in Paris <3 IMG_9846
Lara in Paris <3 Happy Birthday Love 21-03-14! IMG_9849
Lilia & Lara in Paris <3 IMG_9851
Camilla, moi, Lara, Hanne & Ludmilla!
Strike a Pose ladies! Ludmilla, Lara, Hanne & Camilla!
Colette shopping!
Hold Tight for Laras Bday Bash pics! What a Night and what a celebration!
Be Inspired, travel more <3


3 Responses to “PARIS <3”

  1. A Little Fleurish
    26. March 2014 kl 20:47

    The outfit coordination going on here is FIERCE.

  2. lilia-gjerstad
    27. March 2014 kl 08:21

    as in a good or bad way? LOL <3

  3. Shershevskaya
    4. December 2015 kl 14:06

    What a great website!!! I love it!!How are you Gigi? Hit me back on my email or some..Oooh I miss U.S.A!!! <3Hope all is great with you dear.. I am off to Hong Kong thogint! Woop Woop!

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