Pre – wedding dinner at Nodee Restaurant Oslo <3

This Friday we went to Villa Malla (our Wedding venue, an hour outside Oslo) to do a last “finish” – “quick touch up” for our wedding..

We collected our wedding flowers from SHISHI Blomster at Nathional Theatre and took all of it to Villa Malla! <3

How Beautiful. Right?? Lilys & Roses = True!!! & LOOOOOOVE!

Same Day we had out pre – wedding dinner at NODEE Restaurant for guests and family!

Our Dear friends Jonnarn, Rune, Olga, Anders & Messy !!! POW!

Niclas Sponland & Ida Vasaasen <3

Ronny & Hege with Richard & Merete <3

Mia, me & Chris <3

we got a pre – wedding presents from Vicky & Nathan!!! AF1 limited edition..

Whoop whoop!!! Fuuuuuuun!

Costumized for MR. & MRS. Welsh
Mmmmm.. Sushi rolls !

Sippin`on a NODEE`s signature drink! Happy last day of engagement!

Cheers for US!

Mia Karras, Merete Espeland, Richard Shelly & Maren!!! Cheers!

Family table!!! Nathan, Bjørn, Rigmor, Alexandra, Senait, Ludmilla, Merete, Kimhye, mamma Natalja, Lara, John, Vicky & Ada!

My lovely girls!!!! Senait, Luddis, Merete & Kimhye!!

Me with mummy Natalja & my best friend & my maid of honor Lara <3

Strike a pose ladies!!!

W O W!!!! Thank you NODEE Restaurant! We love you!

Mmmmmm!!!! Love is in the air!

Me & Lara!


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