June 2010


LEE Party @ Etoile

Its All About LEE & Rock & Roll!!!

Kimhye from SoulStars & Anna

Mikkel, Lara & Vitaly

Tonje – Carlings

Me and Anna S from OsloNights


Rainy Riga..

Not so fancy trash can.. But by a strange reason I always adore them.. Different ones all over the world. Take a look next time you travel..

Facilities of V E N T S P I L S ..

Fancy trashcan..

Me and famous cow in Ventspils..

Day 2..


My stylish Grandpa! xoxoxo

Silence.. and the waves.. Seams almost like a gosttown ?!? But pieceful!

Step by step..

Rainy weather and a little fellow..

Pils=?? In Ventspils? Jah!

On my way to see my grandpa..

A Latte to kick start my heart .. and then RIGA – VENTSPILS – Here we come!!!!

Russian BAZAR Magazine og sunnys – not to be borred on the airplane..