February 2011



Patricias BDAY BASH!! Happy Birthday sweets! @ Ni&Tyve Restaurant!

Happy Bay Patricia!!

Hello camera!!


Party @ Kaare Lunds..

Marthe & Ørnulf Høyer * Cheers!!


Linda & Stian!

*Birthday* Girls!!!

Freundin & Kicks boys! Stylish!



Lets Party!

And Me!! Over & OUT!

*** Steen & Strøm Party ***

Hello Blog! Hello World!!

Lara babe..

Cheers from “kanfetki”

Wuggis & Magnus and Lara & Ivanushka!

Vino is making it happen again.. Go Pink!

Wugge 1 & Wugge 2! LOL

Tore & Jama (LOL)

Andreas and Ivanoshka!

HUMØR from top to toe..

Beckman and his body from VOLT..


FAM Irvoll & Bylarm

Me & Erlend Elias

All Packed!!!

Marthe babe..
Elisabeth Carew..

Sandra Jensen & Henrik

A little dance performance to start the show..

Mia Gundersen!

Sandra King ***Rocking***

Mira Craig with Numa! Love Love Love!
Samsaya!! Slamming!
Strike a POse!! On our way to Statos with Ida Fladen, Alex Rykkinnfella & Elisabeth Carew! Party Time!!

Nina Jarebrink

I love siting!!!

OOooh! How exiting!!

Veronica Looking HOT HOT HOT!

Nina! How Wonderful!! Loved your colors, fabrics and the LOOK of a DIVA! Adorable!

OFW Opening

OFW opening .. Hello Blog!

Tinky with a friend.. 🙂

Chris Stallion & Apollo!

Strike A pose for MASSIV!

Nathalie Sweets..

Hello Danby Choi!!

Ellen Anna Gaup with a friend ..Looking HOT Ladies!!

Espen Hilton!

Let the SHOW begin!!

Show must go on..

Some music entertaiment…

Wiered start … with miss Koht..

Mr Stallion is In the Building!!!


And I am home… Hello Mirror mirror on the wall…

Oh yes.. Look at my Beanie.. :=) My Valentine gift from my bf.. 🙂