August 2011


The Weeknd!!! <3<3<3

Me in MAG!

It`s all about JUICY baby!! Me in MAG Magazine, street shoots. Wearing an Urban Outfitters Hat, CAZAL shades, Marc By Marc purse, BikBok skirt which I`ve costumized myself & MITS top (Made in The Shade) + my JUICY chain!!!
I miss the sun & the sea… I wanna have new vacation..


All set & ready to celebrate our good S.K.A.M. Artist friend SUJIT !!! All the way from Oslo, Norway to New York!

Beauty & Essex! Sujits Birthday Party with all S.K.A.M. Artist DJ`s, club owners, friends & family! Hold Tight!!!!

Dinner Menu!
Let the PARTY begin!!


Beauty & Essex! I loved this place! So nice and what a delicious food!

Chris Stallion *Juicy, Oslo Norway & Errol Ballada SKAM Artist Management Office with Kevin Abrantes Skam Artist Management Hollywood!

Here comes the DJ`s!!!! DJ Chris Stallion, DJ Ross, DJ Crocked & another cool fellow =)

Me & Gigi, sister to Kevin Abrantes <3

Wonderful peeps!!!
Me with DJ REACH & his girlfriend.. <3

Me, Chris, DJ BIG SYPHE with HOT97 couple =) Rocking baby!

DJ FASHEN with friends..

Hello shoes.. My new see-through PRADA & Chris is wearing GUCCI by Mark Ronson!!

Me with JERMAINE DUPRI =) S.K.A.M. Artist!

Jermaine Dupri, Chris Stallion, SUJIT – the BIRTHDAY BOY & his friends.

@AVENUE Club – continuing Sujits Birthday Celebration!

Me with DJ Sam Young (UK) also a S.K.A.M artist!

My Stallion with DJ RICK RUDE! Handsome boys!

Angelas beautiful friends.. Lovely girls & so much FUN we had, DAMN! Angela Beattie, Jeniffer Matthies, Elle Navaro, Ericka Hunter (Rock of Ages Broadway show) & Becca! <3

Go Elle Go!!!!

Oooooh yes!!! Lil John & Jermaine Dupri are entertaining Sujits guests.. now only the CAKE is missing..

Happy Birthday SUJIT!!!

Happy FOLKS!! !

Japaneese FANS! How cool is that??

Strike a pose ladies & mr. Stallion  Рa Juicy DJ! !!!


Happy Couple with Angela! It was so nice hanging out with you again! Damn you are amazing & fun & I am so looking forward to see you next time again! <3

Cheers!!!! Go guys! DJ Gusto * DjEcho & Errol Ballada!

Eric & Chris! Smiiiiiiiile for SUJIT!

I am trying to say something to LIL JOHN… What could it be?!

Chris Stallion with Lil John!
What a magical Party you had Sujit! Congrats & Thanx for all fun!!!

Breathtaking New York <3

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Walking around in SOHO <3
New York New York!!!

Atlantic City by Storm! <3 Borgata Casino!

Nicole, me & Angela on our way to Atlantic City! So great getting to know all of Angelas girlfriends.. So much Fun!!!

Limo trip from NYC to AC! Chris, Eric & Jeof!

Me & my lovely fiance Chris <3! How exiting to come to Atlantic City & be a part of all this fun!!! Thank you Angela & Vice!
Mmmmm.. SUSHI! I am in heaven!

Saki time!!!

Angela & Erica!

Germans =)

Delicious! I love Asian food!

Elle Navaro (superhot model) & DJ ECHO!

Dinner at the Borgata Casino, Atlantic City

I said be creative! The result as you see..

Errol Ballada SKAM Artist Management Office & DJ Sean Perry! Cheers!

Dinner time in Atlantic City : Matt Miera & DJ Fashen!

There we all are: DJ Sean Perry, DJ Irie, Hanna Kim, DJ Echo, Elle Navaro, Chris Stallion, English guys, Nicole, DJ Vice, Thomas, Ericka, Angela & DJ Fashen! YOu all guys are amazing!!!

Nicole & Jeof! Great couple!

Girls Girls Girls.. Me – Lilia Gjerstad, Ericka Hunter, Nicole, Elle Navaro, Hanna Kim, & Angela Beattie!