December 2011


Christmas time!!!! <3<3<3

Finally we had it at our new apartment!!!! Ho Ho Ho!

My dear Sister Alexandra!!!! <3<3

Lobster for Christmas!!! We had 3 dishes. Lobster for starter, “Pinnekjøtt” & “Ribbe” for main – Norwegian specialities.
Mmmmmm…. All set & ready!

Vicky – Chris`s sister with her husband – Nathan & Chris.. =)

My sister with my sister in law. <3 Thats Love!

My Happy Family! After many hours of food & drinks we started opening our 168 presents. Haha, it took a while!

Here we goooo! Presents!!!
Ready, Set, Go!!!!

Bjørn was pretty happy with drinks: Kaws x Hennessy bottle!

Cute!!! <3
I was so Lucky this year! So many nice presents!!!

Georg Jensen elephant!!!! <3 I love it!!!!

All set for my Home SPA now!!!

My Stallion with his KAWS baby! =)

Thanks to Don Patski Love & miss Gulden for such a treat!!!!! <3

Love from us & our Christmas Celebration!!! #Happy Family!

Beijing – The Mutianyu Great Wall!

Wiiihhhiiiiii!! We took a cable way up!! Woop Woop!! Finally some historic touch in our trip! Me like a lot!

Renate 😉


My Nikes are on!!!

& soon there!!!

all clear & lets Rock!

Look how amazing!!!! WOW!

Wooohooo!! & we are there! At the Great wall of China! H-I-S-T-O-R-I-C—–M-O-M-E-N-T!

Andreas & Renate!!

A coffee break?! Yes please!


China man!!!


I could be there for hours.. very a “MUST” thing to do in Beijing!

Tobbogan – LEGGO!!!

Seeee yaaaaaaa!!!!!!

RAFFLES hotel in Beijing!


Landed in Beijing for a night & checked in at RAFFLES!

Huuuuuge raffles suite – all for myself!! But it was too lonely without my fiance.. That is a “bad side” in my job – traveling far away from home.. But I still manage it & enjoying it, even it gets very lonely sometimes.. (<3 Chris!)

my work day in Dalian – North China!

At one of our biggest knitting supplier!
How exiting!!!

We could choose all kind of yarn in different colors & qualities.

Check ME out!!!

Andreas Gallefoss, Donna, me & the “boss” of our knitting team!

Working with Donna <3 Very good to be in Dalian & see our supplier!!!!

Everything is CUTE in Asia

me & Renate out shopping in the local fields..

Dalian – North China!

Just checked into Shangri-La hotel in Dalian! No facebook or other fancy network sites were allowed.. So that why it took a while to upload this all 😉 😀

Finally off to bed after 5 hours flight from Hong Kong..
I was SO tied and I missed my babyboo so HARD! Anyway.. stay tuned for my work day in China!