April 2011


LA day 4!

Some time for inspiration!

Opening Ceremony we LOve!

FairFax ave..
OMG! In Norwegian: a lot of pussy! L*O*L

A lot of Vintage shopping! Damn what an inspiration to walk on the streets and discover new vintage shops on every corner..
More is MORE!

Santa Monica!

Happy Happy Happy!! Just bought a bunch of candies!! Yummy!

How beautiful…

LA style..


Yeaaah JLH is still with us..

I love the COLOR!

LA day 3

JLH is bombing LA streets..

Breakfast at the Melrose .. some local Pizza with the BEST Pizza I have ever tasted! Yummy!!

Miss Flat Top in LA !

Local LA blogger.. Stopped us and took a picture of us. So I did the same, cool LA dude on a bike!

Fred Sigal was CRAZY good! Damn! We have been shopping! La is the BEST!

SCREAM4 Release Party! *LA*

Dinner time at BOA Steakhouse * LA

Scream 4 Release Party at Redbury!

Renate & me at the SCREAM 4 Release Party.. Mingled with Bradley Cooper & Neve Campbell! I like this LA style!! 😉


These shoes are made for walking!

our hotel..

Maren is chilling at “W” Hotel!!!

Breakfast at W hotel!

Johnny Leave Home is in the building!

Shopping girls..

Maren at La Brea..

OMG!! Popped into a HOTDOG booth & I just snapped this pic of a guy who was in the line in front of me.. (so dont worry guys.. IT IS Not mine or Renates)

ASIA de CUBA & Bar Marmont *LA*

And finally we met our CARLINGS team for dinner.. & drinks!

Monster dessert! Damn! American style for sharing!

Cheers for FANCY people!! Renate Nipe – designer for Flat Top, Ninnette designer assistant for Red Label, Rune – mr Carlings himself & Danny – mr Carlings Musician!

Me with my new Armer ring & my classic Gucci`s in HOT Infrared!

Girls at Marmont Bar at The Chateau Marmont! Cheers!

And Back home to our classy * sexy * redbury hotel!!

Strike A POSE!?!??!

Let me just make a last call … & then off to bed.. lol


Ciao LA.. see ya tomorrow!