March 2017


Escaping with this new hair color by Anne Mette! #unicorn #escapehairoslo️

Escaping with this new hair color by Anne Mette! #unicorn #escapehairoslo️


Outside the Liberty <3

In the cab on our way to NOVIKOV <3

NOVIKOV Restaurant & Bar <3 

What a LOVELY spot! Really, if you are into a good food and great atmosphere – Novikov is the place to be!

Cheers for Karianne!


Cheers from preggy me <3 

Dumplings – simply the best! 

Really Yummy food guys! 

here with Lin & Karianne <3

Wagyu beef & foie gras sushi! Melting and almost sexual experience!

Oysters! MY favorite!

Softshell crab sushi!

Scallops in chilli! 

…. when the drinks kicks in!

my girls! I love you so!

miss hottie herself with Andreas <3

and …. an elevator – selfie at the hotel. 😀 while my girls went to the BOX!

btw: We stayed at the Courthouse Hotel, just next to the Liberty shopping mall and the Carnaby street. Easy and nice location and the hotel were pretty good. So can be recommended for sure!

Thats all peeps! Thanx for reading my little London adventure!


ELEVATOR – selfie! Girls trip to London! Lets have some FUN!!!

Cecconi`s Restaurant for lunch! What a lovely place in Mayfair. <3 Chic atmosphere & fancy serving! I went for squid 😀

My lovely ladies.. Karianne Amlie from Boligjakten, Christina and Ludmila <3

Merete & I <3

Crab ravioli… Mmmmmmm!

Beef carpaccio!

And then off to the SKETCH! Wine & Dine!

Me in my new fancy skirt from Ganni <3 Rockin`my belly <3

Beautiful ladies! Damn – you are so HOT!

Preggy me had to photobomb this lovely image 😀

Strike a pose! For London!

Buttoms UP!

Sketch Ladies! OMG! So in Love with London!

Virgin Bloody Mary for me and my Belly!

And of course, when in Sketch, you just HAVE TO check out the toilets! They are amazing! Egg formed bathrooms that makes your head and mind go crazy!

Thank you SKETCH!

Next stop – MNKY HSE (Monkey House!) Stay tuned!

Well Hello MNKY HSE!

This Restaurant is amazing! If you are into party and drinks, this spot will defiantly be ON FIRE! The crew were dancing while serving food & drinks!

The cuisine were Cuban – Mexican – isn – inspired! Some dishes were HOT and some were interesting.

Virgin Mojito!


And an – elevator – selfie at the hotel!

Thanx for reading & following! This was Day1 <3 Stay tuned for Day II tomorrow!

one Love

My little darling!!! #chloe4life

My little darling!!!  #chloe4life

Goodtimes #Novikov

Goodtimes  #Novikov