October 2012


All I want for my Birthday is a BIG HUGE PARTYYY!!! // T18 Cafe & MTV 7 Year Anniversary at NIVOU!

Aight!! Here are more updates from my Bday Bash – Glam & Masquerade Party!!! 20th of Oct 2012!
Sorry guys for late updates.. I have been in London & Paris these last 3 days…

My dear fiends!! Glam!!!! Christina, Renee & Lara <3

Svein Olav, Messy, Chris Stallion & Beckman!

Molly & Richard
Mmmm.. Tapas from LA RUSTIQUE! Yummy!!!Thanx to Paulo!

Ida & Luddis <3

Me & Martine Krafft! Sweetheart!

Merete Tunheim Vang, Christina D. Holm, Renee Rokstad, Lara Sokolova & Sol <3

Louise & Thomas!

Cheeers for MEEEEE!!!

Kimhye & her man!!!

My Biiiiirthday Guests!!!!
Magnus, Messy, Siri, Niclas, Svein Olav & my hubby Chris Stallion <3<3
Biryhday girl with Louise Pedersen!

Lovely sister Alexa with Jon!

Me and my baby!

The Worlds Greatest Husband!!!

Lara & Molly – sweeties.. <3

Strike a B I R T H D A Y POSE!!!


Best Friends Ever!!!
me with Henrik Sunde, Louise Pedersen, Lara Sokolova & Renee Rokstad – with some random tourist! LOL

Mr. Sunde! Phantone boy!

Birthday Cake!! Biiiiirthday Cake!

Yeay! My thank you speech for all my guests!

Yeaaaay!! Birthday girl!! Thanx to all of you my lovely friends & family!

OMG! So lucky!! Luddis
Beautiful SOL <3

Couples!! Sol with Søren & me with my husband Chris <3

Birthday CAKE!

My giiiirls – Lara & Helene!!! <3

my lovely Senait !!!

So much Fuuuuuun! Shakin`it!

Shakin`it like it`s HOT!!!

Here with my sweet sister Alexa & Olga 😉

Haaahaha!! Renee with Senait! Biryhday fun!

Svein Olav, Siri & Niclas!!!!

Rune Netland, me & Chris <3

Henke & Stallion!!!

Tore, Senait & Renee!

Me & Henke!

Louise with her stunning long lashes!

Shake Shake Shake!!

In the groove!
OMG!! What an amazing Celebration!!!
Huge thanx to Samir for letting me borrow T18 Cafe & to Jama & Chris for MTV Party at NIVOU!

Yeay!! and here we are on our way to NIVOU for MTV 7 Years Anniversary & my Birthdaaaaay!!!


Whoop Whoop !! NIVOU!!


Triana Iglesias came by for my Birthday!!!

D I S C O GLAM Girls!
Me & Tri <3

One lOVE!

My Birth – day!!!

Birthday Night!!! 20th of October 2012 – 00:00
It all started at Friday night and followed by gratulations, drinks, fun & gifts the whole day till Sunday night! I am blessed!

BEAUTIFUL GIFTS!! I love birthdays!! This one was from my besty Lara <3 Adorable!!
WHAT A LOVELY BIRTHDAY MORNING!! Okay guys, I tell you how my day went..
I woke up and went to Cardio Combat hour at Elixia Gym where the whole Gym sang a birthday song for me..
After that my lovely husband met me with gifts & presents!!!!! <3 And after I had a HUGE private Glam & Masquerade Party at T18 Cafe which followed by a 7 Year Anniversary for MTV at NIVOU Club, new spot in Oslo! Stay tuned for more pictures!!!!
Amazing combo!! A girya with MOSCHINO belt <3 one of the gifts from my hubby <3<3<3
yeay!! Biiiirthday Giiiiirl!!!

Birthday it`s my Birthday!!!

All for my Birthday is a BIG Chocolate Cake!!! **many cahins!!!

Guys! Thank you so much for all your Congratulations & attention last Saturday!
L O V E D I T A L L !!!!
20th of October 2012!
Finally 29 & HAPPY! YEAY!
Stay tuned for more updates.. I am mad busy these last days.. Leaving for London & Paris tomorrow and have a Bunch of TODO`s on my agenda..


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See YA!!

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