Mine Baby favoritter!

Hei lesere! Da har jeg blitt introdusert til Mustela serien! OMG! In Love! Perfekt for dine barn & deg <3

For noe deilige MUSTELA produkter, lukter godt og er 100 % naturlige som passer perfekt til de bittesmå og de som er litt større <3 For mamma og gravide finnes det utrolig bra kremer og oljer for å forebygge strekkmerker og pleie den slitne “mamma kroppen” med masse fuktighet.

Jeg bruker MUSTELA både på lille Leo Alexander og Chloe Louise. Alt fra badeolje, sjampo, olje, stellevann for tørrservietter ved bleieskift etc

En av favorittene er denne bleiekremen for sårt hud ved bleieskift. Kremen er myk og har en konsistens som ikke klistrer seg på klær og hender.

Mitt lille midlertidige stelle – stasjon på soverommet. Jeg sier midlertidig da jeg etterhvert har tenkt å flytte Leo til eget rom, for NÅ har jeg overtatt soverommet til meg og Chris 😀

En kit jeg anbefaller for de bittesmå! Stellevann, stellekrem, skånsom sjampo og olje!

Denne er helt fantastisk! Jeg er så opptatt av lukt og vet at mange foretrekker at slike baby produkter ikke inneholder noe lukt i det hele tatt, men Gud, så deilig den lukter og er som sagt 100 % naturlig og skånsom! En skikkelig REN – FØLELSE!

<3 Takk for intro til MUSTELA! Dere får kjøpt MUSTELA på de fleste Norske Apotek <3

En annen favoritt er denne soveposen fra Easygrow! Fungerer perfekt til reise! Vi skal av gårde i November og har tenkt å ha den med!


Og disser er dagens favoritter! Cubus tøfler og luen <3

Takk for at du leste bloggen!
One Love Lilia

Foreo ISSA <3 We love it!

Have you tried this new product from Foreo? Foreo Issa? 

Me and Chloe loves these type of  toothbrushes <3 Brush & Play = YEAY!

Foreo Issa Mini – The ISSA mini brings something to the bathroom countertop for users of all ages by merging a fun and bold silicone design with innovative Sonic Pulse Technology. Suitable for ages 5+.

FOREO ISSA’s combination of Sonic Pulse Technology and unique silicone design helps clean and whiten your teeth like never before. The ISSA electric toothbrush has an all silicone brush that gently cleans your teeth and is an excellent gum massager.

The ISSA electric toothbrush directs Sonic Pulse Technology to break up and remove plaque, preventing tartar buildup and cavities, as well as stains to whiten and brighten teeth. Meanwhile, the silicone bristles comfortably massage the gums and inhibit over brushing, preventing gum recession and damage to tooth enamel.

Foreo Issa developed also a ISSA Tongue Cleaner <3

Brush brush brush !!!

With all these fun colours and a “smiley definition” on the mini toothbrush you can easily brush till it tells you to stop 🙂 Super-fun!

Thank you dear VASS PR for letting us testing these lovely products as well as for FOREO ISSA for making such an amazing cleaning kits 😉

Can`t wait to let my baby boy try it when he`s born <3

One Love!

My Busy Press – week!

Tuesday morning I`ve started my day at Polhem PR where I mingled, browsed through different lovely brands and got plenty of Inspiration for FW17 <3

Polhem PR

Polhem PR

at Polhem PR

Polhem PR

Lacoste at Polhem PR

Lacoste at Polhem PR

Nina Jarebrink

Kastel shoes. My favorites!

Zalando at Polhem PR



Polhem PR

here with beautiful Lise at Polhem PR!

After Polhem, I`ve continued at VASS PR where the theme for the day was black & white!

Lovely snacks, not to mention the products!

In Love with SWISS CLINIC!

WELEDA – 100 % vagan and organic!

DJ Mariann Rosa at VASS PR! 

Me and Anette from MAC Cosmetics. Thank you VASS PR!

… and yesterday I popped by MildhPress showroom to say Hi to my lovely girls. The showroom was outstanding, so were the collections from the brands.

Samsøe & Samsøe delivered this fall ..


Thank you for an amazing mingle and hang out <3 All of you guys are Amazing!

It`s a Baby Boy <3

We have a news to share <3 We are expecting a Baby Boy in August! Yeay!

Thanx to LilleGo for this lovely parcel. So blessed to get this little “early” baby shower gift to celebrate our joyful news!

LillGo from KIWI has many brilliant products such as eco smoothies, baby – spoons, small boxes & bowls and loads of baby articles.. Dipers, bibs, baby wipes, drinking bottles, cotton buds etc..

You can find the whole collection at LilleGo KIWI in KIWI shops all Norway.

Amazing & Affordable!

Love these series!

Can`t wait to meet him in August and Thanks to LilleGo & GK Lifestyle! 


KORRES shop in shop at Vita Majorstuen!

Last week I was invited to a lovely morning breakfast to celebrate KORRES shop in shop at Vita, Majorstuen.

It was a pretty nice morning with a great mingle with bloggers and co-workers.

Korres – Castanea Arcadia is a global innovation to fight antiaging. The first and the most effective anti wrinkle power lupeol, Castaneas, the most powerful antioxidant to help you look young and beautiful 😉

Korres makes 100% natural and organic products and you will not find any side effects when using Korres.

Breakfast table was all about the healthy smoothies and a few cupcakes <3

Castanea Arcadia!

Green cheers!

Thanx a lot Polhem PR for a lovely hang out with many inspiring people as well as a refill with useful knowledge about Korres, their history and products! Loved it all. Stay tuned for my favorites!

Don`t forget to pop by Vita Majorstuen to check it out!

Photo cred: Hanne Erøy/ MIO MEDIA