Are you Ready for the Fathers Day?


Fathers Day is just around the corner and here are some of my favorites! Surprise your loving dad with something special!img_0173

How about the Pierre Robert Sport Wool Kit for the cold winter days with the Bull Dogs Shave cream and a deodorant for L`occitane?img_0176

Make a set with his favorites. Things he like and things he need, something that he really enjoys using. In my case it is this beauty kit with wool products..

How about a Shower Gel from L`occitane with Chia butter for the everyday luxury. (159 NOK) img_0175

Pierre Robert Sport <3img_0168

Mix your special Kit!


Eleni & Chris Shampoo and Balsam <3


Bull Dog original Shave Oil (149 NOK) & Bull Dog Sensitive Shave Cream (79 NOK)

All Bull Dogs products are based on high quality natural ingredients such as oils from Camelina, Cucumber and Green Tea. The shaving experience will be smooth as silk! img_0180

Baux Deodorant & Daycream from L`occitane!

I really hope that gave you a few ideas for the Fathers Day!


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