elle party 2011!

some snacks at Nodee Oslo! Christina from SAND, Patricia from Cubus & me..

Yeay!! Got a nice ride from Nodee to ELLE PARTY at Frogner park!!

Finger snacks..

Beautiful Sara Johannessen from minmote!

Andreas from Zenon shop in Oslo.


Ronnie Ottem with his love!

Camilla & Erlend Elias!

Sandra Jensen!

Me & Beautiful Lara! =) Wearing Marc Jacobs dress, Johnny Leave Home denim jkt & Christian Louboutin shoes + Marc By Marc purse! Colors & FUN!!

Patricia & Vladimir! Rock ON!!

Sebban from SOLO.

Storm Pedersen from Norwegian Top Model & Espen Hilton – fashion blogger.

Tiger of Sweden, Super photographer & a fellow I dont know 🙂

Blogger – Nathalie Helgerud

Vendela Kirsebom & me!

Ida & Linda from Kåre Lund agency! I love my new TRIWA girls!!!!

Triwa girl.

More Colors, More sweets!

Hotties : Lene Nystrøm, Anna Rimmen & Line Dahlgren!!!

Alexander Rybak & Lara Sokolova!

Alexander & me =) Looking forward to work with this talented boy in the future =)

Happy crew with Magnus Rønningen, Camilla Pihl & Peter Peters & their friends!

Silje Hope from Universal Music & handsome guy to Vibeke Klemetsen!

Eva & Sara are having fun!! Fashionistas!

Fingern with Sigrid =)

Marte – Fashion blogger!

The Comedian Henrik Thodesen with Merete 🙂

And THE END! =) Ooooh Girls just wanna have fuuuun! Me, Lara & Sol =) Seeya!


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  1. Lene Nystrom
    2. September 2011 kl 11:38


  2. lilia-gjerstad
    2. September 2011 kl 11:55

    =) Yes you ARE!!

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