Halloween dinner at Bar Bygdøy & Party at Grand Hotel & Monkey Bar!

This Saturday we went out with our friends for HALLOWEEN dinner at BAR Bygdøy!
Happy Halloween! Here with Mira Craig, Lara Sokolova, Christina D. Holm, Thomas Holm, Renee Rokstad & a harajuku friend of Mira 😉

Cheers for miss Kittycat Lara, Christina & Thomas as the bond couple & Renee as Pulp Fiction girl <3

mmmmm.. Dinner Time!!!

It was pretty good, only too much food general 😉

OMG! Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat?? I rather treat! ;D

Me, Lara & Christina! The Kittycats & the Bond Lady! (or as Renee likes to call us “my pussycats”)

Fun Fun Fun!

MOET Confetti bombs! I did saved them for later, thanx God Renee had a HUGE BAG!

Lara with her Golden EYES!

Me with Mira Craig <3

Lara had some gold instead of a steak .. Typical her! 😉


Strike a pose ladies!! CHEERS for the Halloween Night Out!
Harajuku girl Mira, me & Lara as kittycats & Christina – The Bond lady! Watch Oooooout!

The desert! Mmmm..

Pulp Fiction lady by Quentin Tarantino movies aka Renee Rokstad!

yeaaaaay! What a great night at Bar Bygdøy!!

After Bar Bygdøy we went out clubbing ..
Our First stop was the Grand Hotel, where Tobias Frøystad had a huge film launch Party “Horgasm: A Love Story”
Here Lara with Tobias!! 😉 Very proud of you Tobias! Make a History man!

Later that night we ended up at Monkey Bar where we met the rest of the party team – our BOYZZZ!
Niclas Sponland, Chris Stallion Welsh & Harald Aanestad..
Yeaaaay! Good I saved some poppers for the night!


Me with my Hubby DJ Chris Stallion! <3

Partying HARD at Monkey Bar.. with Tore Frisholm!

Strike a POSE!!!! Good Times! Jama, Lara, Tore, Moi, Nicolai, Harald.. The Best Party Crowd EVER!

handsome gentlemen..

Me with Lara.. dont even ask.

S T A L L I O N sticking de lux..

STALLION censored..

my Rockstars!

me with my baby..

DJ STALLION censored..Nikolai K. Mathisen x Stallion collabo 😉

JAMA as a KITTYCAT! What ya say `bout that????? #NoComments! Hahaha!


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