Juicy Udødelig @ Rockefeller!


10898065_10153032699582661_794126769384644171_n Last weekend JUICY throwed a Fab Concert at Rockefeller in Oslo. It was epic atmosphere with legendary Norwegian Rappers who performed Biggie Smalls album Live, in Norwegian! Thats kind of cool, huh? I was there and here are my snaps: IMG_1537 IMG_1546 IMG_1548 IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1558 IMG_1561   IMG_1568 IMG_1572 IMG_1578 IMG_1581 IMG_1586 IMG_1590 IMG_1604 IMG_1614 IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1623 IMG_1626 IMG_1630 JUICY 4 LIFE! Big Up for all the artists and JUICY DJ`s Chris Stallion & Patski Love! You guys make Oslo an interesting place you don’t wanna move from


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