L.A. here we come!!!

Omg!!!! Butterflies in my stomach!! LA LA LA LAND!

Hollywood baby!! O M G!!!! How exiting!!! I am in Love with United States of America!!! <3

Checked in at Redbury Hotel, 1717 Vine & Hollywood. (sexy hotel for sure!)


How cool is that??? You can play your own Vinyls!!

My master bedroom with Ida Touri <3
<3 Red vibes ..
Our view form our private Balcony!!!! L O V E LA!

Late dinner at CLEO! Damn what a great Tapas & Drinks! Mmmm!

Hello oysters!! My favorite!

My work buddies: Carl Henrik Hallen & Ida Touri.

Super delicious!

Me with paprika 😉

Cleo Restaurant at Redbury Hotel, LA!


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