#Millionhoursofjoy by REIMA <3

Being out in movement is so much fun! Chloe Louise is my oldest daughter and has so much energy, that she cant sit still. She is always in movement and always searching for adventure either it is outside or inside.

When she is indoors she use her imagination to build tunnels with blankets at home, or making bridges with pillows and jumping on them imagining that the rest of the floor is filled with the sea water or fire. She climbs on the sofas, chairs, tables and jumping down again pretending she is some kind of superhero. And when she is outside – she really feels alive! She runs, bicycles, climbs the trees and is really kind of a “tomboy – ish” girl.  She goes to a kindergarten where the kids are out everyday for 8 hours a day, no matter the weather. Even if its minus 15 – 20 degrees, they still go out & play in snow and keeps themselves active.

Thatwhy this #millionhoursofjoy with REIMA is an amazing campaign that support kids and challenge them to get more OUT and be ACTIVE Outside!
Here you can feel my Chloés energy by looking at these images of her, just a week ago at Frogner Park in Oslo.

Catch me if you can!! #reimakidventure #chloe4life

See ya! #chloe4life

Peace & Love from us and please send your kids OUT, make them Play, Move, Pretend, Act, Run, Jump, Dance!

Remember that all these moments are in their memory and more you move – more will your kids brain will develop and progress! Be Active with #Kidventure #Millionhoursofjoy #Reima!


One Love

Lilia & Chloe <3


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