teppanyaki + karaoke = a true hk style!

Another Classic Night out in HK. At Kowloon side at THE ONE Center! KAKAI!

Nickolashka + Beckman!

Johan Simonsen from VOLT & moi..

Chopsticks in my nose?

Actually this is a dinner with CARLINGS as well.. So all together!

Fish chips – you can actually see the some fish eyes..

Scallops! Yummy!!!


Say what??

No comments!

Nicke from Vailent & MITS! Yeaaaah! The Tattoo man!

Silje from Carlings & Renate =)

Mr Rune in Action!

HÃ¥vard & Magnus are giving a LIFT to one of the suppliers.. =)
Thanx for dinner RAY!!!

JUPREME? Interesting!

Karaoke time!!! Hello ladies!

Ladies in Blue! + Nicke & Stig!!

Girls in singing action!! Oooh Lord!
What a great night we had! Hong Kong Rocks!


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