Vegas by night!

Unreal Party World!


All ready & set for the Vegas Night OUT!

STK !!!

LOVE for STK Restaurant!

OYSTERS! MY favorite!

Lobster Tail Cocktail!


On our way to see JUBILEE show. TOPLESS!! Woop Woop!

JUBILEE!!! (daytime picture.. but that is only for you to have an idea how it is Topless at night!) POW!

MARQUEE Club at the Cosmopolitan! With DJ Markus Schulz!!!


Happy US at the MARQUEE!

Proud girl..

Bunny girls!

Outside the Venetian..
On our way to meet DJ VICE at TAO club!


Feels like a paradise!

*TAO* Here we Come!!!

Chris Stallion with DJ VICE @ TAO!

Let the SHOW begin..

Hello up there..

Stallion spinned some tracks with Vice at TAO, LAS VEGAS baby!

What an atmosphere..

DJ REACH came by after playing at LAVO..

What a great night!! Thanx to Vice for this experience! We really had a BLAST!
See you in Norway in a month!


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