#MillionHoursOfJoy with #Chloe4Life

Well, back to #MillionHoursOfJoy by REIMA!

I can’t event explain how glad I am that REIMA has this wonderful campaign! KIDVENTURE! Check out HERE! 

Chloe Louise just turned 4 and got her new Reima TEC  suit Oulu with Reima GO sensor and her new boots Visby

Perfectly warm and comfortable. An amazing products she loves and wears to her “outdoor kindergarten”. Chloe goes to a special kindergarten where the kids are outdoor playing for 8 hours 3 days a week and 4 hours 2 days a week, no matter the weather. Snow, wind or rain – it`s all the same! That why we choose Reima for its features and functions in the children’s garments!

Reflective details.. and a happy child!

Million Hours of Joy for real! Get your kids out, make them move and make them play and develop the greatest imagination!

Visby boots in Reimatec material!

And Finally SNOWTIME!!!

Chloe is a November Kid, so she loves snow! Finally we can wear our Oulu Reima suit (#parkdress)

Jump for Joy & Fun!

And stay playful and cheeky!
One Love!
Truly Reima Influencers!

#Millionhoursofjoy by REIMA <3

Being out in movement is so much fun! Chloe Louise is my oldest daughter and has so much energy, that she cant sit still. She is always in movement and always searching for adventure either it is outside or inside.

When she is indoors she use her imagination to build tunnels with blankets at home, or making bridges with pillows and jumping on them imagining that the rest of the floor is filled with the sea water or fire. She climbs on the sofas, chairs, tables and jumping down again pretending she is some kind of superhero. And when she is outside – she really feels alive! She runs, bicycles, climbs the trees and is really kind of a “tomboy – ish” girl.  She goes to a kindergarten where the kids are out everyday for 8 hours a day, no matter the weather. Even if its minus 15 – 20 degrees, they still go out & play in snow and keeps themselves active.

Thatwhy this #millionhoursofjoy with REIMA is an amazing campaign that support kids and challenge them to get more OUT and be ACTIVE Outside!
Here you can feel my Chloés energy by looking at these images of her, just a week ago at Frogner Park in Oslo.

Catch me if you can!! #reimakidventure #chloe4life

See ya! #chloe4life

Peace & Love from us and please send your kids OUT, make them Play, Move, Pretend, Act, Run, Jump, Dance!

Remember that all these moments are in their memory and more you move – more will your kids brain will develop and progress! Be Active with #Kidventure #Millionhoursofjoy #Reima!


One Love

Lilia & Chloe <3

we`ve got a new best friend <3

Well, we are so happy and want to share this lovely news that we`ve became a Bugaboo influencers for our little son, Leo <3  So our Bugaboo stroller will be our new best friend for many many years from now.

Here is our little Leo Alexander, so cozy and comfortable in his Bugaboo stroller.

on a sunny October day <3

So proud & happy to be a Bugaboo Ambassador & Influencer! Thanx for a greatest deal GK Lifestyle! 

Storksak nylon “nappy – bag”! Love it. A cool and sophisticated look.


Have you guys tried a wool mattress cover that keeps your baby warm all winter? Check out HERE!

and a something for my dearest Chloe Louise #chloe4life – a wheeled board to be closer to her little brother while strolling.

Our new best friend Bugaboo!  – everywhere and anywhere.. #LeoWelsh <3

For more info log on to Bugaboo! 

Cutest outfits ever!

Leo  loves his new super cute outfit from CUBUS <3 Levi sweatpants

Cubus has developed so many nice garments – C Mini <3 Organic fabrics – look here!

Little dreamer <3

organic & soft cotton, non itchy and comfortable <3

<3 OMG! Cant wait to share Leos photos in these outfits with you guys!

Leopard for LEO!

love it!

Blaze pants & Blaze Body!

Little Dreamer from CUBUS!

And WOOL! So lovely wool products! Really on the wishlist for the whole fall and winter season!

Check out the amazing wool collection HERE!

Leo loves his Warm & Cozy wool C MINI series.

jkt KIM  <3


Be Inspired!

#Chloe4Life Hiking <3

Just a couple of days ago – we went out “hiking” in our neighborhood, from Frognerseteren to Midtstuen. The weather was lovely and Chloe was in her Happy Mood!

We stopped by at Frognerseteren Restaurant for lunch and continued our little trip to Midtstuen. Chloe`s kindergarten is at Mitdstuen where they are out all day, playing in the woods, making food at the bonfire with teachers and looking for marks, snails, and other small creatures they find along during their day – activity.

So Chloe knew mostly all of this traisl and was happy to show us where her kindergarten is located.

And it is always ALL ABOUT THE PINK fever! She is in love with her new, pink  REIMA fleece sweater with GO sensor that helps her track her activities by collecting points in steps and converting them into a brilliant game you can download online at your smart phone or iPad. Check out more at Kidventure!

Reima Go Liina is amazing, non itchy and comphy fleece jacket that keeps your child warm and happy!

Check out more and have with REIMA here! 


One Love <3