#Millionhoursofjoy by REIMA <3

Being out in movement is so much fun! Chloe Louise is my oldest daughter and has so much energy, that she cant sit still. She is always in movement and always searching for adventure either it is outside or inside.

When she is indoors she use her imagination to build tunnels with blankets at home, or making bridges with pillows and jumping on them imagining that the rest of the floor is filled with the sea water or fire. She climbs on the sofas, chairs, tables and jumping down again pretending she is some kind of superhero. And when she is outside – she really feels alive! She runs, bicycles, climbs the trees and is really kind of a “tomboy – ish” girl.  She goes to a kindergarten where the kids are out everyday for 8 hours a day, no matter the weather. Even if its minus 15 – 20 degrees, they still go out & play in snow and keeps themselves active.

Thatwhy this #millionhoursofjoy with REIMA is an amazing campaign that support kids and challenge them to get more OUT and be ACTIVE Outside!
Here you can feel my Chloés energy by looking at these images of her, just a week ago at Frogner Park in Oslo.

Catch me if you can!! #reimakidventure #chloe4life

See ya! #chloe4life

Peace & Love from us and please send your kids OUT, make them Play, Move, Pretend, Act, Run, Jump, Dance!

Remember that all these moments are in their memory and more you move – more will your kids brain will develop and progress! Be Active with #Kidventure #Millionhoursofjoy #Reima!


One Love

Lilia & Chloe <3

My perfect look for an active 2016!


Did you know that Farfetch gives you the most fashionable items you can choose from both for your workout & everyday life? These are my style boards to kickstart your healthy and active 2016!

Colorful & Bright – Farfetch!

Stylish and comfy!

Feel free to be inspired and happy shopping!

One Love!

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Hey Guys!
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My Super-Smoothie with SuperNature!

Good Morning Sunshines!
I have something to share with you; I am actually Super Natures Ambassador now and this makes me SO Happy! Because that means that I can be even more healthier and spread the inspiration to all of you, the way I do it <3

I want to share how I use superfood and supplements in my smoothies and shakes. It gives your energy, feeds your brain but also invests in your long lasting life.
Mostly all of the food we buy in the supermarked is already “processed” and “ready – made”, so it looses many of its nutrients and only fill us up without purpose. But if you eat ecological food and not too much of the “ready – made” food and as well as add some of the supplements – you are on the Right Track.
The only supplements I really commit to is Alges and Greens.
My favorite of them all is Purely Greens and Purely Green Max!
It contains all type of greens you need in your body. It doesn’t exist any toxics or GEO settings. All is real and pure and gives your energy, puts your body and digestive system in order as well as adds a lot of nutrients you don`t usually get in a normal food now a days.
Another classic is Aman Prana Happy Delight Okinawa oil! My “Must have”!!! You can use it in smoothies, salads, food in general or just as a mini shot!
Well here is my Crazy Breakfast Smoothie recipe:
some iron, some fats, some berries, some carbs – just a lovely mix of the daily fuel that keeps you going!
I use strawberries or any kind of berries I do have in my fridge or freezer.
Always a 1/2 of Banana
1/2 avacado
Spinach leaves
1/4 cucumber
2 spoons of youghurt
50/50 with juice and water

Purely Green Max
Supernature Bipollen – to add some sweeter taste
couple of drops Aloe Vera
Happy Delight Oil
1 small spoon of coconut fat

and if I am done with my workout I`ll add hamp protein. If not I usually skip it and add it to my shaker cup for after my work out.
There you go! A mix of Greens and Berries!
Have a Brilliant Monday and hope that my little smoothie news can kickstart your day and your week 🙂

Stay healthy! (at least a couple of days in the week!)
If you want to know more about Superfoods and Supernature; win tickets to John Opsahl`s Health – seminars in Oslo, Sandnes, Moss or Bergen.
See the dates here! Simply comment this blog post by telling me in which city you want to meet mr. John. The winner will be announced  in the end of this week – FRIDAY!
Thanx and Good Luck!

GLOSSYBOX launches Vive la France feat. L’Oréal Paris <3


GLOSSYBOX initiates a partnership with L’Oréal Paris and together we are launching a specially designed box with a French theme, Vive La France feat. L’Oréal Paris. GLOSSYBOX subscribers are invited on a journey where they get the opportunity to discover both new and classic beauty favorites. Iconic French interest is pictured on the box to be launched in July.

A journey through France
Vive la France feat. L’Oréal Paris has a beautiful and unique design created by the LA-based illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin. With the mission of including Dior Beauty, The New York City Ballet, DKNY and Clinique, has Jamie drawn since childhood and was soon inspired by Walt Disney and Tim Burton. This is evident in her theatrical way to illustrate, or, as she herself describes his style – “Cruella de Vil and Corpse Bride collide with Alexander McQueen.” Jamies design for GLOSSYBOX is a journey through France that reflects the desire to discover and shelves curiosity.
“It’s very exciting for us to make this partnership with GLOSSYBOX. Their concept based on strategic sampling and word-of-mouth is an effective way for us to reach directly
out to new and existing customers. In this way, subscriptions familiar with our brand, and broad product range. This box, with its unique design, is a tribute to our strong French heritage, “says Julie Bruusgaard, Product Manager Skincare Norway, L’Oréal Paris.



Jamie Lee Reardin
Illustrator and artist Jamie Lee Reardin grew up in Toronto, Canada and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Jamie studied Fashion Communications and Design at Ryerson University, where she focused her studies on Advanced Illustration and was mentored by the talented artist Peter Duck.
As a young girl, Jamie was obsessed with the magical characters created by visionaries like Walt Disney and Tim Burton, and dreamed of a career in animation. Her first foray into art was through recreating these popular characters—including Cruella de Vil, the Corpse Bride and Beetlejuice—with her own unique vision. Since, her style as an artist and illustrator has evolved immensely, and she often turns to the equally stimulating world of fashion to create her signature gazelle-like figures, characterized by uncomfortably long necks and impossibly thin silhouettes. Jamie sites brands like Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Lanvin and Alexander Wang as constant sources of inspiration.
Jamie has been commissioned by various international brands, including Dior Beauty, The New York City Ballet, DKNY, Moda Operandi, Clinique and Barbie to create custom illustrations. She also works as a fine artist, regularly creating paintings that marry her background in illustration with her love of visionaries like Picasso, Modigliani and Dali.


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Good Luck Lovely Ladies <3